Saturday, September 29, 2012


First, I'm sorry!
It's been so long since I last posted.
I can't decide if I'm loosing interest in my blog, or I've just been too busy.

Things have been super crazy here lately.
You all know the problems with my E or you know the gist of them, just not the details and I normally won't share that kind of info via a blog.  
He's making great progress.  So......after 6 years of seeing every Dr in our area, we finally have a diagnosis. 
We finally know what's going on and we know what we have to work with here.
Bottom line..........THERE'S HOPE, and he'll be just fine.
He'll face struggles and obstacles in his life, and he may face more than the average person, but I know in time, he'll be able to face anything.

Our traveling has slowed down a bit this week.
For the past two months, we've been going an hour one way for Dr's appt's twice a week some weeks.
It was so tiring.

So, there you have it and hopefully I still have some readers out there.