Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Button Storage

Remember this photo I showed a few months back?
Use a Crystal Light or off brand container to store buttons.........
here are the buttons now.......
yummy.....I love this..........see through and goal?
To fill these............ha

Monday, June 25, 2012

Selvage Edge Blocks 2

I've completed 5 more selvage edge blocks today.
 selvage edge's trimmed, and ironed.....ready to sew
 5 5x5" blocks completed today
 joined with the first 6 blocks I did about a month ago
I love the look of this......
i'm wondering if I'll have to mix in some strip blocks for it to be big enough?
I bet I have about 5 more blocks worth of selvage's. 
Then it's saving again.......

Friday, June 22, 2012

You thought I was done with buttons & Update

I wanted to start this post talking about the expense of Resin.
The bottles you see below was $29.99....yeah, kinda pricey.
 I used a little more hardener a time or two to see if it would cure better.
That's the reason equal amounts aren't gone.
Now, here is the amount of buttons I've made.  I'd say it was worth the $29.99
I wasn't sure at first, but now I'm convinced.
Even with the few batches that didn't cure.
I can still use them.
 Oh, how I loved these when I was making them.
It's pink & silver glitter buttons.
Weeeellllll........they didn't cure.
They are super soft and rubbery. they are about to be used in my smash book, and the below picture as well.

 oh la la, bright orange buttons and some clear small buttons that didn't cure either.  uggghhhh
 white buttons on the left, and on the right are speckled blue buttons, the blue is really pretty.
bright yellow buttons, these are just yummy.
Green/Blue/Purple Seed Beads Buttons

I'm still producing buttons over here on the black market.
oh yeah, and I've got some for sale in my Etsy store.
I think I'll be at it a while.
I'm also quilting a queen sized quilt.
And I'm working on some orders.

As if that all isn't enough.
We moved E this past week to his new place for the next year.
We have extreme high hopes for this place.  This is the facility we tried to 
get him into back in December.
They got an opening back in April, and it took this long to get him in.
Lots of phone calls and emails were exchanged on a daily basis.
He called tonight and has requested some Lego's.
I'm going to see him tomorrow, so a stop in a Wal-Mart might be in order.
There's not much they CAN HAVE in this place, so Lego's it is.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

More buttons....

 clear resin w/green seed beads
clear resin w/blue seed beads

Yes, I made these buttons.
See a few post back to see a how to video, or click the tab at the top.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Got Ribbon?


It's what I did today, that was productive.
It's not much......but..........

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More buttons and 2 video's

I'm still making buttons and getting even more creative with it.
 these are clear buttons w/red seed beads in them
here's the second part of the button making video that got cut off the other day
and in this video I use green seed beads

here I used pink glitter to make clear buttons w/pink glitter
they look so much better in person

Also, you can see my super cute turtles here.
btw: there is no sound to the turtle video, so don't be alarmed

Sunday, June 10, 2012

SMASH/Journal Book

Do you have a Smash book?
Do you know what a Smash book is?  I didn't, until a few days ago.

You'll have to click on these to see them better.
This explains a Smash book.
And yes, they even have their own line of products.
But, I prefer to make my own.
 Some examples........of homemade books.

 This website is great, she has tons of journal pages to print and add to your book.
Gives you lots of ideas. 
 something else to add to your book...........
 and again.........
 little sayings I like.....
and more........ 
I want to make some folders like this for my book

and here's a picture of my book......I'll show you the insides later.....
I used a Mary Engelbreit Book I got at Michael's for $1.00
I'll show you the inside's and my idea's another day.
I'll let you soak up the idea of a SMASH book.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

More buttons and a Video

I made these purple buttons last night.

These are in the video here......
I wasn't aware but the video cut off right before I started pouring into the mold.
I'll make a second part to that video tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I made my own buttons.

oh my gosh, i made my own buttons.......
i must say, mixing the resin and color, i was disappointed and had planned to sell 
all my button making parts.

not anymore.......i'm loving it

the resin is clear and you add color
reading up on this before i started it all
i was really confused on the color and how to add it
one person suggested not using food coloring cause in some types of resin,
it don't mix well..........i tired it and had no problem
i used green in this batch

you have to be really careful with the smallest buttons, it's easy to pour to much and cover the button holes

 i don't know what's up with the yellow tinted background...ewww's my first batch.......their still soft, see last pic
 see how some are darker and thicker than others?
well, that's where i got happy pouring the resin
this is what they were like this evening, this is 24 hours after pouring
it takes 72 to create a solid hard button

Friday, June 1, 2012

Forever Garlic Recipe

I bet you're wondering "where is she going with this"?
Well, we use a lot of garlic.
However; if we use it fresh in the bulb, it always goes bad before we use the entire head.
Now, I prepare my fresh garlic like the  below recipe and it last "forever".  Not really, but you know what I mean.
Someone I know used to do this, but they used Olive Oil, I prefer butter.

You will need:
3 heads of garlic (or more, depending on the amount you want to make)
half a stick of butter

 peel garlic and put in a small food processor
I did this in small batches
 empty processed garlic into a bowl you won't mind missing for a while
and a bowl you won't mind smelling like garlic
when this bowl is empty, waiting for me to make more,
I set it aside so no one will use it, cause even clean, it smells of garlic
 for 3 heads of garlic, melt half a stick of butter, and pour over garlic
you could also use olive oil here, I did that before too
 mix well, see the butter.......mmmmmm....
cover and place in fridge
now you have "fresh" garlic anytime you need it