Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Buttons

I'm still creating resin buttons.
I've update the button page with my latest creations.
Check them out.

I update my Facebook page quicker and have frequent giveaway's on there.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Meet Abi (Abbagail)

Abi (Abbagail on her paper's) is a 7 yr old Shih Tzu 
Previous owners needed to simplify their life.  They had 5 shih tzu's, 11 horses and 2 outside dogs (that I saw).  And she's going through a divorce.

Abi had a litter of pups in April and is still underweight from that.
I'm trying to fatten her up a bit.

 The day we brought her home, she was scared to death.
She didn't eat for about a week and did her potty business all over the house.
I was so frustrated as I knew she was house trained.  I knew she was scared, but didn't anticipate how scared she would have been.  Then I thought, "what if I lived somewhere for 7 years with my siblings and was kidnapped and take some place strange in the hills"?  I do understand and try to keep my cool when I find a new place she's peed.  She's getting better, we just went two days with no inside accidents....then this morning I noticed she peed in our bedroom during the early morning.  Bless her........
 She don't like a leash.  She was used to her previous owner just opening the door and she'd go out freely and do her business.  Well.........the day we brought her home, we tried letting her go out freely and she ran 2 miles.  Seriously, we almost gave up looking for her and then found her hiding in the corner of a horse pasture.  Two days later she came out of her harness and ran again.  I drove up and down the road looking for her and never found her.  I gave up, I was so aggravated with this dog at this point.  About 30 mins later I looked outside to find her waltzing back into the yard.  She came back!  Now her collar is much tighter and she can't come out of it.  She's starting to eat more and settling in good with us.

We took her to meet E last weekend.  He loves her!
 She loves wearing clothes.  She's very small 9 lbs, so the clothes help keep her warm.  We like a cool house.  She will also bury herself in covers.

Abi is pleased to meet you all!

One more thing.....the picture below is how the hubs wants to grow her hair, I told him he has to keep it up.
 I would settle for her hair to be like the pic below.