Monday, February 28, 2011

The Jelly Roll 1,600 Quilt-Jelly Roll Race

Have you seen this? It's called "Jelly Roll Race"  I was so intrigued. I love this idea. So much so that I made one today, yes; in less than 5 hours (cause I get up and do other things).

I have two more jelly rolls and I see them coming unrolled really quick.
But, if you have a GO, you can cut your own strips.  I'll do that as well.
I really like this idea.
I haven't ironed mine yet, but you get the picture.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Video Tutorial Coming

I am amazed to find out how many of my quilting & blogging buddies can't sew a zipper in.
So, coming soon, I am going to do a video tutorial for this....
 it might be different fabric, but the same purse.
This one is going to a friend.
I was having trouble lining up my seams, not anymore.
I'll show you how I did that as well. 

Keep those guesses coming on the 500th post giveaway.

Be sure and check out my project linus blog, it's really coming along.
And follow it..........

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Maybe I should have given you all a hint...
you have some good guesses though.

Think old school......
it's not anything that just came out, not even in the last 10 years.

I've been using a laptop for several years.
It's not intended for everyday use, at least not for me and the amount of work I do.

guess on peeps.......
but, go to the post before this one to guess
no comments allowed on this post

Friday, February 25, 2011

500th Post

WOW, I started blogging in 2007 and have hit my 500th post.
TJ said "I thought it was more like 5,000"
haha, he's so funny

So, here's what we are going to do.
I've recently got a new "tool" for blogging.
It's awesome and I can't believe I've waited this long.
It helps in other things as well.
I'm pretty certain I haven't told anyone of this "tool".

I want you to guess what my new "tool" is.
Guess as many times as you want, all in separate comments.
You don't have to blog this or tell anyone, that just lowers your chances of winning.
Don't you love the way I think?
But, if you feel so inclined to share the goodness, go ahead.

Now, I'll only choose a winner from correct guesses and you won't know if you are correct, cause I don't want you telling other's the correct guess.
You can guess till 3/01/2011 12pm noon my time, Eastern
I'll close guessing then.

oh yeah, want to know what you will win?
*8 fat quarters (i don't know the line)
*5 spools of beautiful colored thread
*a set of 6 fruit fabric magnets I made
*a button bracelet I made

how's that for a 500th post giveaway
leave your guesses, can't wait to see what you'll all guess

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You Pat

 turtle gum purse

Pat sent me this wonderful turtle fabric.
This is the prettiest I've ever seen with turtles on it.
I love it.
I wasted no time in making a new gum purse for my purse.
I lined it with muslin.
The last time I was at the fabric shop in VA, they had bundled 5 yards of muslin and it was $3.00, so now I use it in everything.
I normally carry lots of gum and since my purse's are always over sized, to keep
from digging and digging, I keep my gum in a zippered smaller purse.
These turtles couldn't be happier right now, carry my gum.
Thanks Pat for thinking of me, I love it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABC-123 Fabric Magnet Set

how cute are these?
and how different from the normal letter shaped magnets that kids use now
these are glass, but thick glass that don't break easily.
i have some different colored fabric
i'll be making more

(they look a bit different in color from one picture to the next because of flash on/off)

these are for sale on etsy

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Lesson in Selvedge Edge's

*cut just a bit above the selvedge edge, get about 1/2" of the fabric print
*sew them onto muslin

i'm sure these are things you all already knew, i didn't
that's my story and i'm sticking to it

(sewed to muslin)

i made this coin purse from my first batch of saved edge's
i sewed them together using very little seam allowance
it works, but no stability
so, then i sewed them onto muslin, perfect

i just love these edge's
i wished i had a truck load of these

my next coin purse will be prettier

Completed Project Linus Quilt Pictures are up

They are up on the Project Linus Blog.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is a Mug Rug?

What's a mug rug?
It makes me think of something to wipe my feet on, then I see the size.
I don't understand the concept.
I've seen people have cups of coffee and a biscuit or bagel on them.
Why would you put food on a mini quilt?
It is a mini quilt, right?
Isn't it the same as a place mat?
If it's a rug for your mug, isn't that a coaster?
There was even a swap for them.
Am I missing something here, do tell.

FYI: this is post 494...

Sew-In Day Pictures

Go here to see the Sew-in Day for Project Linus Pictures
Follow that blog, please

Friday, February 18, 2011

Got Buttons?

I don't anymore, but fear not, I've order more.
Remember my zipper obsession?  I still have it, don't worry.
However, now I've added buttons to it.
I had to use my DROID (love it) powered cell phone for this pictures, and I have to say, there not bad, colors are pretty true.  The sun kept coming in and out, so that may look a bit odd.
 gold & black kids button bracelet.... all are on elastic rope
 browns, beiges and creams
 MODA seashell buttons, very classy
 blues, clears, and black
 hearts & stars
my favorite, a hodge podge of small buttons
wooden heart buttons

I think I'll do a tutorial on these, just to add to my list.
Cause I'm certain you all can figure this out on your own.
Although, I did use a few tricks.

feed my ego, tell me what ya think?

You are all invited!

Tomorrow the 19th is Project Linus National
"Make a blanket day"
Many Chapter coordinator's host a sew-in day.
Me being no exception, it starts at 10am and goes until the last person leaves.
We'll have food all day and plenty of drinks to keep us going.
I have lots of fabric and several machines, and those that can't sew can tie.
It's sure to be a fun day.
I'll take lots of pictures.

Only thing, I ordered some PL goodies for my Blanketeer's and it's not here yet.
Finger's crossed it will come today.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Click on the picture to see it better.
Why, ole why is this happening to me?
I haven't sewed in a few days and this is what happens when I do.
I'm about the change the needle, so we'll see if that is the problem.  
This stuff isn't near as thick as my vinyl covered labels and they sew beautifully.
Then again, it is a different machine. 

Ok, well....I'm going to bed now.  :(

Update (5 mins after I published)
LIGHTBULB MOMENT: I used ultra heavy bond....thus the problem.  I got a plan to fix it.
It's going to be a handbag.
Thanks in advance!

Be sure to check out the 31 giveaways on my earlier post.

Modern Bliss Epic Day of Giveaways

Modern Bliss featured 31 Etsy shops today and all 31 shops are giving away something, and most are giving away more than one item.

My shop is #31...go check it out, enter for all 31 giveaways.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silo imploding

You may have fancy wine festivals and such in your town.
We gather and watch silo's implode (or fall down).
Sorry, I filmed it sideways on my phone and haven't figured out how to turn it yet.  
Just turn your computer sideways and you'll be fine. ha
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Ok, I've watched the video is it's horrible.....sorry, but you get the point.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A UFO Finish

Can you believe this only needed binding?
I'm thinking it got buried and I forgot about it.
This is a Project Linus Quilt, and will be going to it's new home this evening.
I was binding it last night and got a call that someone needed a neutral gender quilt.
I said, "oh yes, I have the perfect one".

Click on it to see how I quilted the "M" for Mickey Mouse and his ears in this quilt.  
Yes, those were a template I traced on there and then used my free motion foot to quilt that.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's on the "windy" line.

I finally finished the Hexagon quilt.
I did end up sewing these together in "Y" seams.
I think it turned out great, I love the crinkly goodness of it.

 got wind?
ahhhh, finally a good picture....the hubs wants a hexie quilt, but bigger...
this was MODA's Wee Play line and one of my favs.

(all you southern lovers, we're just taking a small break, I'll be back at it soon)

click here to read my latest review for udi's gluten-free pizza crust

Monday, February 7, 2011

What it Means to Be Southern/Giving Directions

Some of you wanting to know more about, giving directions.

Y'all are going to love this.

"Now we're on Dogwood Avenue.  Just go right on up this hill, and you'll see a large white two-story house on the left.  That's the Wrenn home where Mrs. Virginia Mae Cross lives.  She was my third=-grade school teacher, and she keeps the nicest yard.  Her roses out the back on that slap-white picket fence are just to die for.  You oughta take a glance at them on your way by.  I keep wishing she'd enter the pretty red ones in the state fair.  Don't you think it's just amazing how they display them in Co-Cola bottles for the judging.  Turn right there.
You'll pass the Boling houses, that's Mr. Boling, Sr.'s house on the left and the Boling son and his family live in the house on the right.  Except that when Mr. Boling recently retired, the house was sold to the Paschals' cause there was some kin there, by marriage, and they wanted that lovely rock house to stay in the family.  Everybody always is just so interested so I should tell you that Miss Frances Bavier, that's Aunt bee from the Andy Griffith show, bought that big house next door to the Boling Sr. home.  She made our little town famous when she came to live here, and you just wouldn't have believe the traffic on that street, people riding by all the time just hoping to get a glance or two of her.  I mean on Halloween night they sent a special policeman over there just to help with the crowds going to her door.  She remembered the police department in her will, too.

Well, go on past her house, and keep on going down the hill until you reach the stop sign, and take a left.
You're almost in sight of the new Methodist Church, but the morning I was talking to Peggy in the grocery store.  She and I are in the same bridge club, and she's a Methodist and she was on one of the committees for the new church.  She told me that the parking lot is scheduled to be paved this morning, and they've blocked off the entrance so the trucks can do their work.  So even if you went by this morning, I don't think you'd be able to get to see the church today. But you come back soon anyway.  Those stained glass windows are worth the trip alone, and we'd just love to have y'all, you hear."

Those directions are so typical around here.  You should hear me give directions to my house.  I might have even did that with Pat.  I'll have to ask her.  I usually say........."go past the high school, turn left after the caution light, go up the mountain and our house is on the left"  haha 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What it Means to Be Southern

Gene reminded me of something the other day when he was teaching Pat to speak southern.
He reminded me that I actually have two books right on this subject.

 What it means to be Southern.

More about what it means to be Southern

I first bought these books when I met TJ.  He's from California you see.
When we found out he was moving here to NC, I wanted him to know exactly what he was getting in to.
I mailed him these books, asked him to read them and really think about it.
He wasn't phased!  He's so versatile, he could fit in any where. 

I'll give you some snippets from the book and we'll do book two later.


The chapters are:

"Bless Your Heart" and Y'all Come"
Favored Phrasing from the Mouths of Southerners

"Ugly as Homemade Sin"
 and Other Southern Ways of Putting It

"Y'all Better"
Some of the Ruler We're Taught to Live by

"Don't you Dare..."
Some of the Rules we Don't break

Greens, Hoppin'-Johns, and Pork eating for Health and Wealth in the New Year

The Collard Club
Our Small Town Traditions

Spoon Bread, Pecan Pie, and Other foods favored
in the south....and Shag dancing at the beach

A Moon Pie and RC Cola
Southern Soft Drink Rituals

Your daddy is your best man
The way we do weddings in the South

Giving directions.
How to get to the new Methodist church
(my favorite)

Here's what I want you to do, let me know which of these chapters you'd like to know more about.
I think this will be fun.

Pat....after this is over if you need too, I'll be glad to let you borrow these fine books.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Before & After

 my free motion quilting foot....i always feel like i'm hovering over my machine to see exactly where the needle is going, i struggle with this, i knew there had to be a better way
i also have a all metal foot just like this half plastic one, i knew i couldn't alter it in any way
 waaaa-laaaaaa....see 1st picture where those red lines are, well...that's exactly what i cut, sawed, gnawed, chewed, trimmed off....
ahhhhhhh, this is nice, i love being able to see exactly where the needle is going next
it may or may not have taken all these tools for me to get that piece out

(i feel much better today and i think i'll try riding our new bikes tomorrow, baby steps
thanks so much to you all for your kind "get well wishes")

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nothing to show.......

i've been completely out of commission
no sewing
no nothing

i started a new medication from my DR and had a terrible reaction to it 
after two bad days at home
i dragged myself to the doctor
she sent me straight to the ER
after 5-6 hours of further testing
it was a reaction to the new medication
the dizziness & dehydration is much better today and hopefully all gone by tomorrow
greg gave me till this morning to be back at my machine
(please don't tell him i did not meet that goal)  shhhhhhh

something i saw on tv tonight sparked something in me
if you have grown children, how often do you tell them "i love you"
if you are a grown child without children, how often does your mother tell you?
just curious