Friday, April 29, 2011

snippets of california...part III

this will be the last one 
and then one more of fabric i got

the most beautiful place on earth (to me)
Lake Tahoe
& Donnor Lake

 this is Donnor Lake, it's in Truckee, just before you get to Lake Tahoe
 it's hard to see, but there's a picnic area here and they have the rules posted
good luck reading them, the snow is covering it all
 look at the snow in front of their house
that's not melting anytime soon
 this is about cabin fever
 again.......i'd be so bored cooped up
you can tell the houses that don't have people in them year round
they've not been dug out at all
 i loved this, the way the snowed is layered on the river banks
 how bad do you really gotta pee?
leaving atlanta, the planes are lined up like MAD on the run way
i thought we'd never leave....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

snippets of california...part II

thank you all for the nice comments on part I of "snippets of california"
(and, the ear wasn't that bad)
ready for part II?
 this is looking at the beach from the santa cruz beach boardwalk
the two figures you see wayyyy out there above the blue sign are E and grammy
 looking from the boardwalk to the santa cruz warf
 again, looking towards the warf
E and grammy are between the 2nd and 3rd orange barrels
 palm trees on the santa cruz boardwalk
i love palm trees, we don't have those here in the mountains
they obviously don't like them, they keep telling me rats live in them, ewww
 gg, tj's was very cold, like upper 40's and there were people in the ocean....
 who else.......yours truly and hers truly
 another view of the boardwalk
 remember these are cell phone pics
you can see me, tj and e waiting in line to ride the carousel
 volleyball anyone?
 this is was even colder here and look at the people in the water
it was spring break for these folks, and they weren't wasting any time
 the two little kids sitting on the bank had a blast
we watched them for over an hour
 everyone was feeding this guy.......
 i would have loved to see capitola on a clear sunny day
 this restaurant hadn't yet opened for the season
 look how cloudy, rainy and just nasty it was
 after a tiring day on the boardwalk
enjoying some ice cream with gg

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

snippets of california...part I

so...we finally made it back from california
i thought i'd share my vacation with you all

we covered, santa cruz, san jose, capitola, lake tahoe, nevada county, ripon, sacramento,
donnor lake...we covered a big portion of the northern part
i took my NICE digital camera, but left the xd card here at home and for some
reason, we could not find a card in california
so, my cell phone pics will have to do
and they are not the best

 e on the flight out there, he was very nervous and did very well
however; on the flight back, it was very bumpy, rough flight, he got really sick, several times (ewww)
 at the Jelly Belly factory, what an awesome place,  me and tj had already been there years ago
we knew e would love it
we was going to take the tour, but it was spring break for them as well, and there was about 300 people waiting in line....we didn't want the tour that bad

 beautiful scenery on the way to san jose, and if you look closely you can see the moth ball fleet in the delta
 what a reading the information board about the moth ball fleet
 i realize this is a bad picture
this is for my california blog readers
we went to In & Out Burger, this was my first trip there
i had my burger wrapped in lettuce (since I can't have bread), so i think i missed the experience of such a great burger
the fries...called "animal style" came with cheese and grilled onions, those were pretty good
 tj grandma has a beautiful orange tree in her back yard, it was loaded too
e had the most fun picking oranges
he picked two grocery bags full and we had fresh orange juice the next morning
so pretty
 gg (great grandma) hid some easter eggs for e and they all had money inside
here he's counting his loot
 let me try to explain this one
i'm a country girl, we all know it and i'm a sucker for a BIG truck
i love em
and when i saw this one in the big city of san jose, i instantly felt at home
i saved the best one for last
i know this might be a normal price for some of you
but even at my local quilt shop that is expensive, their only $1.99
i was appalled by this price
i brought home something permanent from Lake Tahoe
not the tattoo, that's been there
see the little silver hoop in the middle of my ear?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


honestly, i haven't even thought about blogging 
honestly, i'm going through one of the roughest times of my life
honestly, i did finish the turtle quilt, binding and all, i just haven't had the energy to walk outside and take a picture of it on the line
honestly, i haven't touched either sewing machine in weeks
and that's honestly all i've got right now

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Hand Quilted Quilt Completed

this is the tree time BOM i did last year with Molly
i wasn't sure how to quilt this, so i just echoed around each tree
i quilted this in less than a week off and on
i've started another one and 1/4 done with it

 with flash

 without flash

up close of quilting

it was super windy outside today with snow flurries, so i had to take pics inside..