Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Taking a Vacation from Vacation

We went on a small vacation last week. So nice to get away. Then you get back, and realize you rest more at home than on vacation.
Pigeon Forge, TN

I waited and waited for the moment to get my turn on this amazing wheel.  I'm not afraid of heights, I live for Chair lifts and ski trams. However; once in the small, tight, no handles to hold onto space, I about lost my breakfast. I turned the whitest of whites.  Thankfully, the space is climate controlled and was very cool.  The hubs faced all air vents on me.  You're supposed to go around a total of 4 times or 12 mins.  I wanted to ride for pictures of the amazing views.  4 times around and I hadn't even removed my phone from my pocket.  I barely got a few pictures on the 5th round.  YES, 5 times around.  I couldn't get off soon enough.  Also, they stopped us at the TOP, to fill other carts.  Oh my gravy, I'm glad it's done and I did it.  Not so sure it will happen again.
I did get a great picture of the wheel!!
Waiting to buy tickets for the devil wheel.
A view from the top, looking down on what's called The Island,
where said wheel resides.
Christmas fabric?  Yes, it was in my car, and has been for over a year.  Why? Because, it fell from a box of fabrics and was never picked up.  Yep........but hey.......it came in handy.  We had a picnic in Cade's Cove in The Great Smoky Mountains
I am not a Gatlinburg fan.......see picture as to why!!
I did visit a stitchy shop Dixie Darlin. This is one of the charts I bought.
I got a few more.

Now, off to rest from that vacation!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Half off Etsy Store

Hello quilty, stitchy, crafty peeps.

I need to move some items from my Etsy store and am currently having a half off sale through June 10th.

Head over and see what's going on there, lots of hand made Children's Educational toys.

Use code VACHALF to take advantage of this once in a while half off sale.

ABC Magnetic fabric letter's.
(magnets sewn inside each letter for safety)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Anyone still follow me?

I've cleaned up my blog a bit, and hope to start blogging regular.  Define regular?

I've started stitching (cross stitching) and love it.  

Here's my latest finish
Seven Pines
by: Little House NeedleWorks
stitched on 28 ct Linen with DMC