Monday, November 30, 2009

Where's Waldo aka Where's E?

His favorite part of fall, and our least favorite.
We really had to keep a close eye on him, he wanted to DIVE in head first. I'm not sure where he thought he would land or what.
Coming up for air.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lunch Bag Anyone?

I've seen these before. However, I made mine a little different. I think it was Mandy that also told me about these. I've had several people want to send me these, as I do save them, but I could never get in touch with those people. They were "no-reply". Several of my friends here and one in NE send these to me by the box. Also, my friend Jan in the UK is going to send me some. Hers are a bit different. I look forward to getting those.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sewing = Therapy

I'm trying to get back into the routine I had before my class. It mainly consumed of lots of sewing time. I missed that so much. Here's my finish. I started this Christmas table topper last night and finished it today. WOOHOO.........I think she's back ya'll!! (yes, really.....I'm ok)
My plan was to send this to someone now so they could use it for Christmas. Well, it has a blooper on the back. So now I'll keep it for myself. It would be fine for most people, it's the thought that counts right? Well, in this case I'll just say (I know how to pick my battles) this isn't one. Something would be said and I would be HOT! haha

Friday, November 27, 2009


So, I'm not real sure what to blog about. I have to be honest and say, I feel a bit disconnected from the blogging world right now. I know it's just everything that's going on right now. I'm trying hard to stay connected and in touch with everyone, but feel I'm failing terribly at it. I promise to try harder.

The TSO show Wednesday was an awesome break. It was a great show. We did a very small amount of shopping before the show.

Thanksgiving was good. I was a bit under the weather and slept all day. TJ got me up in time to go to my mom's and then I crashed on her couch and slept there. She sent plenty of leftovers home with us, and I had those today. So, today was my Thanksgiving dinner.

We didn't do the Black Friday shopping. However, around 9am..TJ did make a run to a few stores for a few things. He will have to work tomorrow to make up for being off Thanksgiving day.

I'm working on several things at this moment, just nothing to show.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Countdown to TSO..........

Oh yeah, tonight is the big show. I'm so excited! We have to drive right by Joann's on the way there, so I think we'll stop in. ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Down to work...

First, we found out yesterday, the car is totaled. We don't know what they'll offer or anything like that yet. Thank you all so much for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

Now.........I've been brain storming (you wondered what all that noise was, didn't ya). Trying to think of things I can make and sell on my Etsy site. I have my Capri Sun bags on there and now I've made bunches of ornaments and fabric gift tags for Christmas.
I have a few other ideas of things to make or do. Do you guys have any greats ideas of something quick I can make? I know my whole "money saving" process will take some time. No hurry. I want to take my time and make good things people will "hopefully" buy. Let me know your ideas.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Several Things.......

First and foremost and most important, I have finished that darn class. WOOHOO Friday was the last day. I am so thankful it's over and I passed it with flying colors. However, it wasn't easy. I struggled with it more than I did my Pharmacology class.

Secondly, I got some more yummy fabric and white thread. I needed the thread and who can order thread without ordering fabric? Not me! I got 2 sets of fat eighths. Those and fat quarters are great for me, as I don't have a huge sewing area.
The stack that the thread is on is called "Snow Days", the other stack is "Twilight Frost". I was a little disappointed in the Twilight Frost stack, over 5 of those have a very thick 1" or more selvage edge. I'm not sure if that's normal on a fat eighth? I did email the company and ask. We'll see.

Lastly, my car! I put a picture on here. I'm sure the car won't look near as bad as I said the accident was. I know I was very lucky. However, it was a very hard impact. I had high hopes they were going to fix my car. Now, it looks as if their not and all because the air bags deployed. I'm so heart broken. So bummed! Her insurance only has to give me Kelly Blue Book value for the car. Well, the value is a bit less than payoff. That's also ok, because we have GAP insurance. (thank GOD) it will pick up the rest and be sure the car is paid off. NOW......her insurance company don't have to give me a single penny towards the purchase of a new car. Unless, I was hurt. I did go to my dr. everything checks out well. I do still have bruises, but nothing major. I can't for the sake of all that is good, lie and say I was hurt when I wasn't just to get more money. It's not me! I'll suffer without a car before I would do that. I believe in karma and it would come back 10 fold. I do believe everything happens for a reason (although, I'll be honest and say I haven't seen that yet). Most of you know I've been layed off for quite some time now. However, I also can't look for a job without a car. I loved this car, it was good to me and protected me in this wreck. Sounds silly, but I'll miss it greatly. I just can't imagine it being totaled. The damage really is just what you see.

It just blows my mind that you can hit someone and not be responsible for providing another car for that person.
Ok, off my soapbox now. I'm looking forward to the up coming week. Looking forward to being lazy, spending some quality alone time with ME, sewing, lounging around all day in my nightgown (if I want to), and taking naps when I want to, eating turkey, being with family and Wednesday a well deserved trip out of town to see TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra). Hopefully, we'll still have the rental car until then.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and thoughts. You all mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love you all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So so Thankful.......

If you've read my Facebook status lately, you'll know why I'm so thankful and praising GOD. I was leaving for class this morning and ended up in a bad wreck. To make a long story short, the girl at fault was playing with her cell phone. She crossed the center line and hit a semi truck in front of me, then spun around completely and hit me head on. When she hit the semi, it sent him into the nearest power pole. He was trapped in his truck, but only because of live electricity all around him. We thought he was really hurt, because we were not aware of the power issue. The wreck was scattered across an area of 100 yards. It was quite a jolt. I've never been in a wreck and never knew the impact of a wreck was so violent and hard. I was fine this morning, not hurt at all. Right now..........I feel like I've had the crap beaten out of me. My "girls" (breasts) are bruised really bad. I can only assume from the seal belt or air bags. I am so, so thankful us 3 drivers are ok and not seriously hurt.

I'm being honest in saying, I worry about my car. The state trooper and wrecked company both think both cars are a loss. I hold out hope that my car can be fixed as the damaged is contained to the front driver side. I know her insurance will take care of things as she was at fault and received 3 tickets for this wreck. However, if her insurance only pays off my car, that leaves me nothing to get a new car. I know, I know.......I shouldn't be worried about this! But, I'm only human and can't help it. I'm trying to leave it in God's hands and not worry. I really am.

I ask for everyone's prayers that I'm able to move tomorrow (from the soreness). haha

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reversible Table Topper

Reversible table topper for dear Mrs. Almo. Ok, her name is Alma.....she will turn 90 next week. E has a slight speech problem and could never say Alma, he would say Almo. She don't mind Almo so the name has stuck. She's a dear friend of the family and E loves her like crazy. For him, she's just another grandma. I've made her a few things in the past, but nothing lately. So, I asked mom what her kitchen colors are and it's mauve, yellow and green. Mom picked out these fabrics saying they matched the best. I added some "cheater" fabric to the back and a few fancy decorative stitches and waaa-laaa it's reversible.
Front, with her kitchen colors.

Next week, once my school is done and E will be out for Thanksgiving, we'll ride out to see Mrs. Almo She lives even further out in the boonies than we do. I'm 20 mins from the nearest town or grocery store, she is 45 mins. She still lives very simple, she has no air in the summer and in the winter her house is about 90 degrees. I roast when I'm there whatever time of year it is. Bless her......she's so sweet!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A stack of New-ness!!

What a stack of newness. Would you believe these are samples? They all are fat quarter size. The 3 on the bottom of the stack are double the size of a fat quarter. I counted about 32. I love a good deal on fabric. Thanks to all who told me where they buy their thread. I found a pretty good deal @ Connecting Threads. I also got some clearance fabric from them as well. I'll show that when it comes. And because I live in the boonies, I buy most of my fabric online, usually Ebay. I got some Moda/Hello Betty at a really good price. I want to make a signature quilt. Not sure how I'll go about that yet. We'll see later. See below all the yummy-ness.
3 different flannel prints
6 different flannel prints
3 different Seasme Street
5 or 6 more different Seasme Street
these are cool, click on these.....there is a textured "x" pattern in the fabric. love this, I don't want to cut these.
8 different "latte" patterns (and one I didn't picture)
3 different "dinner" patterns

How about all that? I love it! I don't know what they were samples of, but I'm not complaining. I hope to find more of these soon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Hope Chest gets a makeover.

We love this chest. It sits at the foot of our bed and usually is a catch-all. It's pretty beat up, has some dings and such. Along with the beautiful green handbag Jan sent me, she also sent this teddy bear quilt/throw.....and I'd bet it was for E, but it now rest in our room on our hope chest. one tell her ok? haha She had hand quilted it all but two bears. I finished them up and binded in brown and waaaaaaa-la. It's so super cute! I'm sure it should be used in some other way, but for now, it's at home.
I'm so looking forward to the week ahead. Anyone know why? It's the last week of my class ya'll!! WOOHOO, YIPPIE! I'm not excited at all. ;)

Also, where do you buy your thread? My stock of white thread is running very low. On my last spool to be exact. I used to get it at Wal-Mart. Well, we all know what they've done to their fabric department. Dang them! I checked Well, their website is down and it redirected me to, which I love. Anywho, please tell me where you get your thread. Any cheap places, or good deals?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Special Thanks to Jan...

from Jan's this post to see the GREEN bag, to sent to me. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I read this post and never once thought the handbag was for me. She is a gem! I love Jan! NO, not just because she sent me an awesome bag. She has introduced me to Skype and we chat often. Now, I'm trying to get her on Facebook. She's so thoughtful. She even made a friend in E. With the bag was a bear for E, it seems like chocolate. You know how E gives his bears simple names, ie: Blue Bear, well now he has Chocolate Bear. lol Isn't that funny.

I've been wanting to join my local quilting guild for some time now. Well, me and Mrs. Jan was "chatting" about that and the search started. She, being..........half a world away found my local quilting guild online and read all about it. She was very interested in my county's guild and even wanted to join it herself. Thanks so much Jan!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A beautiful Tree and a great sewing day.

This is the beautiful tree outside my entrance to class. This makes it all worth showing up every other day just to see how many leaves it's lost. I love fall in NC mountains. There's nothing like it.
This is my cousin Cookie, yes, that's her name. Stop laughing!! That's not nice. Her real name is Olivia. However, she somehow obtained the nick name Cookie as a baby and it has stuck with her all these years. If someone in the family were to call her Olivia, we'll all be like "who"? She is also very crafty and has just recently taken up sewing. She got herself a machine and came to guess who for lessons? Yep, you guessed it ME. She came up last week and I showed her several things, and then today she came back with sewing machine in hand. She knows how to travel huh? We live about an hour apart. Her mom is my dear favorite aunt I speak of often. I love those gals. We started sewing at 10am and sewed till 2pm. We sent TJ out for our lunch. Not a very good picture, but she made that pillow, she actually made two. I look forward to many sewing days with Cookie.
While helping her get started on her pillows, I made this Pooh baby blanket for a girl in my class. I'm almost certain she don't read my blog. I'll gift it to her tomorrow. I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Report Card for Evan.

He got all A's & B's......................GO EVAN!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Garland

I'm always interested in more Christmas decorations. So, I had this idea to make garland. Here's what I came up with. I do wish I would have had some red bias tape. That's what I used. This would be great for any occasion. Just have the fabric to match the theme. I like to make more.