Thursday, December 17, 2009

A "man" bag for E and a PIF gift.

First, the button is really RED. He wanted something to carry his PSP and all his games in. Well, he'll be able to fix his favorite games, all won't fit.
I put 3 big pockets on each side of the bag and sturdy handles.
Here's my PIF gift from Cecelia. I honestly don't remember her owing me anything. She also sent a ornament, and some chocolate. YUM Cecelia was my very first swap partner. She's a super nice lady.

I'm such a dope, I meant to set this to post tomorrow. Oh it is.


  1. Yes, I owed you a PIF, and I promised to have it done before Christmas. I made my deadline!! So glad you like it.

  2. Today....tomorrow.....will anyone really notice????

    Nice "man bag" and big enough for lots of goodies.

    Don't you love unexpected gifts?

  3. I see no haven't done anything new...I think we all have done what you have done, if you are a dope then this whole blogging community if full of dopes.

    Love your bag and PIF...

  4. Tonya I have tried so hard to make that mat you have posted but I mess up on the binding. My mother in law made me a couple and I took one apart for a pattern and that edge got me. I want to try this again on my break. Can you give me some advise on the binding? you did a stunning job. Happy holidays.

  5. cute bag for E and the PIF gifts are nice!

    We have all "meant to" set it for posting later and went right on and posted it.
    I have done a cut and paste and then deleted the post. But that is a lot of extra work.

  6. LOVE the bag......great idea for him. Don't you LOVE the trivets Cecelia made for us. (I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one who didn't remember she owed us a PIF......but I figured I had an excuse in that I am OLD and my brain is wearing out....not sure what YOUR excuse is for forgetting...hehehe)

  7. Cute bag for E!!!Like that fabric for a lil fella!
    Oh what a lovely PIF you received.. LOVE IT!
    Senior Dope ;-)

  8. What a wonderful PIF gift. Love the bag too and I'm sure E will as well. Hugs..


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