Friday, August 27, 2010

2 1/2" Strip Cutter Tutorial using your GO.

i showed you a quilt using the 2 1/2" strip cutter the other day
i thought i'd show you a little more in depth how i made it

here i have some white scraps, really looks like a scrap, huh?
sometimes i get in a hurry and don't cut as straight as i should or could
i'll work on that
this die cuts three strips
since this scrap was so narrow, i thought i'd try to get one strip out of it

here we go...get to cranking that handle
i even let e do it, he loved it

starting through, if you really listen you can hear the blades going into the fabric
i love that part!

almost done..........
keep cranking
gives you muscles

and here is your 2 1/2" strip
i already got the scrap ends off so you could see the perfect, crisp strip

repeat process again with your other choice of fabrics
fat quarters work perfect for this project

here are my two fabric choices
all cut and ready to sew together

this goes together really fast

here we have several strips sewed together
sew as big as you want
add batting, backing and binding
and you have a finished quilt using your 2 1/2" strip cutter
and your GO machine

any questions?
let me know......


  1. Seems perfectly clear (AND fast and easy) to me! Gotta love that GO, huh???

  2. You guys are making want one of these! I am so jealous. Happy birthday lady! Steph


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