Sunday, August 22, 2010


this is post 403
so, this will be a giveaway of my 400th post

a little different
and lord knows, i'm different
what do you see in the picture, that should not be there?
(the answer isn't dust)
not a very good picture?
duhhhh, that's how I wanted it to be, no flash
cause then it would be to easy
heck, it might be anyway

well i'm glad you asked
all 5 spools
and it does say for hand sewing or machine
i ran a bit of the pink/red on my old machine
and my machine didn't like it
no, that's not why i'm giving it away
i still have a set of 5 for myself 

i'll draw for a winner on my birthday, the 26th

come on, give me your best guesses


  1. I see something red off to the side and I doubt that should be there, but I can't quite tell what it is...almost looks like the top of a small pair of scissors but I don't think that could FIT in there. I'm betting someone else will win as they will zero in on that spot now and figure out what it if they win, they have to appreciate that I helped them!!! LOL (My first guess WAS going to be dust....hehehe...and then I was going to ask where the heck the bobbin was and tell you the empty bobbin case wasn't supposed to be there....LOL) Oh, well..guess I have no clue, huh?

  2. I have no clue...but love your sense of humor

  3. Looks like a broken needle off to the left.

  4. I was thinking the red wire too. You a funny gal Tonya!

  5. I have looked again and again and see something toward the back of the bobbin case area that looks like the tip of a needle or the point of a lead pencil...something that surely shouldn't be there. Did you find it and take it out BEFORE it caused you trouble or AFTER? LOL

  6. I saw the red over to the right side and thought it was fresh blood..but then decided you wouldn't think to take a picture that quickly.
    So if that isn't blood or a scrap of red cloth (and this picture is BLURRY!!!) I am thinking there is a broken needle in the bobbin case with all the dust.
    Another option -all the BLUR shouldn't be in the picture but no you said you wanted it to be a poor quality picture.
    I am going with the broken needle or pin in the bobbin case.

  7. It took a bit but I can see a broken needle in the bobbin case. It was hard to see past all the thread dust lol.

  8. I think I see the end of a needle when I enlarged the picture. NO???? I hate when that happens!!! It means precious time wasted digging it out and replacing the needle.

  9. I enlarged it and I still have no clue!

  10. I see a whole needle stuck in there!

  11. definitely a needle! my machines have a little piece of cloth (both read) in them......that's meant to be there.

  12. I have no clue even after I enlarged the picture. Can't wait to hear what is there that I'm missing. Nola

  13. It looks to me as if you have spilled coffee or coke in there! Or is that just more dust?

  14. That is either a needle or a mangled grasshopper!

  15. I didn't think about enlarging the picture - doh! How did you get a whole needle wedged in there?

  16. That broken needle in the bobbin case will be causing a lot of trouble...that little devil.

  17. I only use my google reader now and I just thought you were not posting.

    I really really could use thread...I have alot but I only have alot of the same colors. Happy Birthday...

  18. I can't tell if it's broken or not but I do see a needle in that bobbin case.

  19. I see a needle down in the bobbin case. I am assuming it is broken and definitely shouldn't be there. Winona

  20. I think I see the top end of a needle down in the bobbin case. How did that get down in there? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ann

  21. Happy 400th plus post. At first I thought the red on the right and on the left was balled up red thread that got caught - it could be wire with the blurry photo. Once had an accident with my bobbin case where broken machine needle ended up in it - the pointy part with the hole where thread normally goes - sometimes thread gets balled up or shreds and needle breaks along the shaft - can't tell if your feed dogs are Ok from the photo. (When the needle gets pulled with bad thread it can hit the feed dogs or bobbin case or presser foot and break). I'm not an expert on machines - just accidents with thread that breaks needles and other parts of a sewing machine. Hope I win some good thread. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  22. I'm pretty sure I see a broken needle at about 11 oclock in the bobbin case....and wait, yep, yep, I see...hmmm....what is that??...Oh, it's birthday cake AND melted candle!!!! Were you celebrating early? A little birdy told me this morning it was your birthday. Happy birthday!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  23. Happy Birthday Tonya!! Pat sent me to sneak in here and surprise you!!

  24. Ahhhhhh! I see that little needle sticking out of there in the bobbin case! And I see that little birthday cake with candles in there, too. Pat told us it was your birthday so....Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Tonya, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!

  25. I see something on the right side! Is it a broken needle or pin?

    Have a very happy Birthday!

  26. A Little of This and A Little of Pat
    thought you'd appreciate a Birthday Wish or two.
    So, Tonya, you have my best wishes for your birthday and for those to come.

    That said, I do see the needle tip laying in your bobbin case. In the same breath, tsk, tsk, that's quite a lint build-up in there.
    Remember do a quick clean each time you change your bobbin. :^}
    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  27. ah you tried to trick us...I do see the broken needle on the left side. I hope no one was injured in that accident. thanks for the chance to win!