Friday, October 15, 2010

What a fun week.

In no particular order...

Pat and me

thought I'd throw this one in
E got terrific kid at school, a picture from that ceremony

poor Pat couldn't even enjoy vacation without using my GO machine.
actually, I have two dies that she wanted to use.

i'm so glad Pat and her DH came down, it was fun and we hope to do it again

**don't forget about quilt bingo that will start soon

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  1. Glad you had such a fab week Tonya!
    I am nosing about in your studio!
    I can see your threads back there, when I take my eye of the GO machine!

  2. What about your trip to MaryJo's?

    Tell E Congrats for being a Terrific Kid! We knew he was terrific already but we're glad the school knows it too!

  3. Yes...we had a wonderful time....spent part of two days together. We had hoped for a third to go to MaryJo's together but Tonya got sick and was unable to go. :( That was sad for BOTH of us. But....the rest of the time we spent together was terrific. Tonya is a sweetheart and her hubby and her son are really great, too!

  4. Awesome!! Glad y'all had a great time!!

  5. I know what a terrific time you had. Ha ha. I am curious about the die that Pat is using in the picture. What is it?

  6. That's awesome that you and Pat got to hang out! What a fun time - I'm sure you have so much more to tell us about your adventures together!

  7. What did Pat think of MJ's?!!!! I was bummed I couldn't meet up with you both on Thursday.

  8. Oh Yay for E! I miss those days with my kids!

  9. Looks like you had fun together!

  10. So glad you had fun with Pat, but I missed her! Glad she's home after wonderful trip and meeting you, hubby and that sweet son of yours!!! Hope to meet you someday up here!

  11. Sorry to hear you are having ear problems. I can only imagine how it felt having your ear washed out.
    Glad you had a fun week. Neat shirt that Pat is wearing.


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