Friday, June 17, 2011

Before & After

Today I went to the "Wilkesboro Open Air Market"
It's kinda like a street fair vs farmer's market.
You have old timer's there selling their garden goods, and some selling honey and 
homemade canned items, some selling fresh flowers.
Then you have oodles of crafts.
Becky from Sew in Stitches came several hours back to her home town
of Wilkesboro to sell her awesome goodies.

I picked my self up an vendor application and will start selling there.
They have produce and crafts every Friday from 4-8 through October,
and every 3rd Friday, they have a live band.
How cool is that?

The area is totally shaded. 
It actually felt very nice there this evening.

Sooo, I got to thinking (uh huh, yep crazy I know)
There are some things I could improve on.
See the below before and after and let me know what you think.
TJ is going to build me a earring display "thingy" for my earrings.


  1. very excited for you, it will be fun!

  2. Love the earing card - very cool. Good luck to you - those type of vending areas do very well.

  3. Cool hope you sell out!! I like the after picture!!

  4. Yes! The new packaging is great.

  5. hope to hear that your "vendoring" goes well

  6. I think it is a great improvement and will help bring more people to your site with the information added.

    Good luck with the sales. It should be fun.

  7. Oh that sounds like fun! I hope you do well with your sales. Love the new, improved packaging - good advertising!

  8. Yes! That is perfect!

    Are you gonna try to sell every week? I'm planning on being back in July for 3rd Friday again. We'll have to make sure we are all lined up - you, me and Kim!


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