Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bud the Bird

So, we've rescued a bird!  Either we take the bird or they were going to set it free.  We knew the bird would not last if they set it free.  His name is Bud, and he's a Cockatiel.  He can "cat call" whistle, and say "pretty bird"  He's very timid and shy.  We're pretty sure he wasn't very well taken care of.  And he for sure wasn't spoiled.  When he approach the cage, he backs himself into a corner.  He was in a ragged small black cage.  I got onto Ebay right away and got Bud a mansion.  As I was putting it together yesterday, you should have heard him hollaring and chirpping at me.  I wasn't sure what he was saying, but I was betting it was good.    He's so cute and I love watching him during the day.  Hopefully in time, he'll not be so shy and get used to us.  Welcome home Bud.
I made a not-so-fancy cover for his cage.  It's much easier than using a towel to cover him.


  1. How nice of you to rescue Bud. I'm sure he will adapt to life in your home very quickly and will be so glad he is part of your family now. How was class yesterday?

  2. I am totally sure that Bud will have a wonderful home with you...It's great when people adopt...

  3. You bring back so many memories, Tonya! We rescued a little canary that flew int my MIL's house about 15 years ago. We loved our little margerine yellow 'Parkay' so much, we ended up getting him a mate...oh my, we ended up with 11 babies from many batches and they all had names and we loved each one. But 11 birds is a lot and as each one's 'time' came and 'passed' we said goodbye with love and did not replace him or her ;)But we sure loved them while we had them!!!!

  4. Oh how sweet to save a wittle birdie...lucky Bud!!!I do notknowwhat some folks are thinking when they toss out poor animals who have never learned how to go on in the 'wild' on their own!! We have had our share of toss outs here, bu no birds!!


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