Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great Fabric Sale

What a deal I got myself this morning.  Our local Wal-Mart is doing away with all their fabrics.  :(  I am quiet sadden by this as this is where I get most of my fabrics and sewing supplies.  They say their still going to carry everything for sewing, minus fabrics.  

Last week when I was in there it was 25% off.  They still had plenty and it looked as if no one was interested in their closeout.  Well, Tuesday, it went to 50% off.  I went this morning and someone has cleaned house.  Hardly anything was left.  

I like what I got and look forward to using it.  You can see in the pic, I got 8 different kinds of fabrics and got 2 yrds each.  7 are checks, and the white background fabric is scrub material.  I'll make my mom a shirt or jacket out of this.  With 2 yards, maybe a shirt and jacket.

PS. Look at that low price I paid.  ;)

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  1. I was at our Walmart and the same thing. *sigh* I tried to contact them as did our whole quilt guild for the last year...told them lots of us make charity quilts and need a reasonably-priced fabric source. They don't care. I even told them if I have to go 40+ miles to the nearest Joann's (where fabric is lower than our two local quilt shops), I may as well shop at the Target there and forget about the local Walmart here. Sad is right...Walmart was founded on the premise of catering to the needs of us regular folks, but I guess they don't care anymore.The founder must be turning in his grave. Shame on their board of directors now!!! You got some great buys, as did I...but I know both of us would prefer they keep their fabric departments.


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