Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bobbin Help!

I just realized this is a terrible picture.  But you can see the bobbins and that's all that matters.  I need some Bobbin help!!  The bobbin on the left is for my pre 1960 Singer Spartan.  It's somewhat beveled or curved a bit.  (Click on the picture for a much better view of bobbins.) The bobbin on the right is for my "newer" Brother machine.  Although, I perfer the metal bobbins.  Have any of you ever seen the bobbin on the left?  Do you know where I can find some?  I've never seen them before.  Help!  Please!


  1. Have you tried a store that sells Singer machines? It looks like the bobbins I have for my Singer that I still use as a back-up.......and I THINK they are still sold.

  2. my machine(a brother) uses the fatter bobbins too. i think they class 15 bobbins, and i get them at joann's. when i forget i just hold them up sideways to check the size. I haven't looked for them in metal, but you can definitly get the plastic ones.

  3. I was just over visiting Lani when I decided to click and come over and read your blog since it had to do with sewing. You know how that goes, we quilters are always looking for inspiration. I read your side bar where you were talking about how you got into sewing and noticed that you are self taught, learned from books and online. I'm with you on that, I have never had a quilting class in my life. It's pretty obvious if you look at some of my first quilts, but I agree I've learned so much about sewing and quilting from online sites and chats. But the main reason I writing this is I wanted to say hello and I am a new follower of your blog, but don't tell Lani because the post I found you on was meant to bring her more followers. She knows I love her and have followed her from her first days of blogging but who knows maybe someone will read this and find her too. I'm looking forward to seeing the things you create and I'll try to leave a small comment when I stop by.
    Hugs, Donna

  4. What does the bobbin look like from the other side? Is it filled in solid or does it have the holes?


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