Friday, November 19, 2010

Serena the Model

yep, didn't ya'll know she was a model?
thing is...she works just for me....haha

she commented on Facebook that she liked my zipper earrings
and since her and her sister are just alike and sweet as can be
i sent them both a pair

she blogged this picture and me yesterday on her blog
go check her out

thanks serena, i love ya girl


  1. rofl. i'm a wearer of many hats.....or earrings rather. thank you sweetie. i love them, and as soon as nakia's butt stays in one place for longer than a second. she's going to be your newest recruit.

  2. That is awesome!!!!! I would love to see the earrings up close and personal....

  3. Cute picture of Serena wearing your lovely creation!!

  4. Very cute pic! I love the expression on her face!


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