Monday, November 8, 2010

A Sliver of the Moon

(click on this picture to appreciate it's beauty)

see the sliver of the moon?
for me, it's:

thank you Lord for this amazing view
i'll take it as your way of telling me
"it's all gonna be alright"


  1. Still keeping you in my prayers, Tonya. It is a very calming sign.

  2. I saw that sliver of the moon as I was driving home from work. It is truly a wonder.
    Peace to you my dear Tonya.

  3. Is that a song? sounds like one and is good and everything will be just fine...maybe we should make up our own song and make millions (ha!....I am not a money better chose someones else to write this song) wishes to you.

  4. Lovely photo. It looks to me like it was taken looking out from your back deck. You do have a lovely place there........and I can picture how peaceful it would be on a calm night! I'm glad you felt His peace in your heart. Hold tight to it as it will help you get through the waiting.

  5. You're doing a great job of handling a very difficult wait. I'm happy to hear that you're able to find a calm place.

  6. Beautiful picture. I can see how you would find peace and comfort from such a beautiful and serene
    view. This has to be very difficult for you right now so I'm glad you could find something that brought beauty and serenity into your life. Nola

  7. have peace.
    and love
    and as much solace as you can
    my love with you during this time.

  8. It is a lovely soothing view for sure. DH and I were star gazing last night when we got back home.
    We do have a beautiful world day or night. Yes it does seem like a promise kept. :-)

  9. Simply beautiful Tonya. Well said.

  10. Keep that faith Tonya and say it to yourself everyday.
    Be well, sending strength and courage

  11. Love this photo. I was thinking about taking a picture one night too.
    Any news about your tests?


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