Sunday, December 12, 2010

More "green" Christmas Decor.

I saw this tutorial over at Life with the Crazies today.  

I knew when I saw it, they would make the perfect gift for my neighbors (that have already delivered their gifts to us). 

That is the old style (not so energy efficient) light bulbs.

I used sparkle mod podge instead of glitter.
I might try glitter tomorrow.
I'm not a fan of glitter, as I get it everywhere.

I even thought I would get some smaller bulbs and make a family of snowmen.

Thanks Michaela for this tutorial!
What a perfect way to "go green".
Ya'll all know that kick I'm on right now.


  1. Tonya I love it! His little arms are adorable, and now you've inspired me to do something nice for our neighbors! Merry Christmas :)

  2. Both ideas are so cute. I really love the snowmen lightbulbs.

  3. How cute! I made a lightbulb snowman - you can see him in this post from last year:

    Your little guy made me want to create more of them :)

  4. What a cute idea! and of course you executed it with style (and Mod Podge!) ha ha.

  5. just cruised by a tutorial for those and here you have already done 'em.
    Totally adorable!!!

  6. What a cute idea, and yours is just adorable!


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