Tuesday, April 26, 2011

snippets of california...part I

so...we finally made it back from california
i thought i'd share my vacation with you all

we covered, santa cruz, san jose, capitola, lake tahoe, nevada county, ripon, sacramento,
donnor lake...we covered a big portion of the northern part
i took my NICE digital camera, but left the xd card here at home and for some
reason, we could not find a card in california
so, my cell phone pics will have to do
and they are not the best

 e on the flight out there, he was very nervous and did very well
however; on the flight back, it was very bumpy, rough flight, he got really sick, several times (ewww)
 at the Jelly Belly factory, what an awesome place,  me and tj had already been there years ago
we knew e would love it
we was going to take the tour, but it was spring break for them as well, and there was about 300 people waiting in line....we didn't want the tour that bad

 beautiful scenery on the way to san jose, and if you look closely you can see the moth ball fleet in the delta
 what a look...lol reading the information board about the moth ball fleet
 i realize this is a bad picture
this is for my california blog readers
we went to In & Out Burger, this was my first trip there
i had my burger wrapped in lettuce (since I can't have bread), so i think i missed the experience of such a great burger
the fries...called "animal style" came with cheese and grilled onions, those were pretty good
 tj grandma has a beautiful orange tree in her back yard, it was loaded too
e had the most fun picking oranges
he picked two grocery bags full and we had fresh orange juice the next morning
so pretty
 gg (great grandma) hid some easter eggs for e and they all had money inside
here he's counting his loot
 let me try to explain this one
i'm a country girl, we all know it and i'm a sucker for a BIG truck
i love em
and when i saw this one in the big city of san jose, i instantly felt at home
i saved the best one for last
i know this might be a normal price for some of you
but even at my local quilt shop that is expensive, their only $1.99
i was appalled by this price
i brought home something permanent from Lake Tahoe
not the tattoo, that's been there
see the little silver hoop in the middle of my ear?


  1. Love your pics, looks like you had such a good time, the last pic made my legs twitch, owww...

  2. It looks like a fun time. I have to say, our fq are now starting at $4 and up to $5. I can get mine for $3 because I get a discount from my quilting store. I've even seen some higher!!!

  3. OOOOO...doesn't it hurt to have a piercing in that part of your ear???? Our quilt shops are now having fat quarters for close to that price.....$2.50 for awhile now. Looks like you saw some fun places....I'd have liked the Jelly Belly factory, too! I'm glad you're back...missed you!

  4. I've often thought about having my ear pierced there but at the end of the day, I'm a sissy.

    Tell E to not feel bad. Last month I was just seconds from puking on the plane. Also tell him that it's not often that it's that bumpy. Next time won't be as bad.

  5. I am with you on the "oh my gosh" on the FQ price. I sometimes get a yard of fabric for that price. I guess I am lucky to have a good inexpensive place to buy some of my fabric.

  6. Jelly Belly factory, picking oranges, seeing a pickup truck on big wheels and some new ear rings! All that is so cool!
    Fat quarters for $2.99 ... not cool.
    (I've heard fabric prices are going up next month.)
    Looking forward to hearing more about California.

  7. It looks as though you had a wonderful CA experience. There is nothing like fresh OJ in the mornings, is there?

    I hope your weather was nicer than So CA's when you were here. It has finally warmed up for us after being so darn cold.

    In and Out is always a hit. Are they only in CA? I did not realize that.

    That is expensive for FQs. They are not usually that expensive at our LQS.

  8. Love the pictures!! Glad y'all had fun! Ouch on the new earring!!

  9. An orange tree .... what a joy that must be to be able to pick your own oranges for orange juice and other refreshing things ...... yummy!


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