Friday, April 29, 2011

snippets of california...part III

this will be the last one 
and then one more of fabric i got

the most beautiful place on earth (to me)
Lake Tahoe
& Donnor Lake

 this is Donnor Lake, it's in Truckee, just before you get to Lake Tahoe
 it's hard to see, but there's a picnic area here and they have the rules posted
good luck reading them, the snow is covering it all
 look at the snow in front of their house
that's not melting anytime soon
 this is about cabin fever
 again.......i'd be so bored cooped up
you can tell the houses that don't have people in them year round
they've not been dug out at all
 i loved this, the way the snowed is layered on the river banks
 how bad do you really gotta pee?
leaving atlanta, the planes are lined up like MAD on the run way
i thought we'd never leave....


  1. Thanks for sharing your 'winter' photos of Tahoe and Donner lakes. Love's gorgeous! and I miss living in Calif. A LOT!

  2. Lake Tahoe is definitely one of the most beautiful places - especially in California. We used to camp near Emerald Bay. Even covered in snow it is a magical place.

  3. Tahoe has certainly had more than their share of snow this year, but it is gorgeous up there.

  4. Had you taken winter coats so you'd be warm enough going to places that had lots of snow on the ground yet? (Or was the air warm there when you visited that area?)

  5. I would love to see Lake Tahoe, summer or winter. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful!! I can't believe they still have snow?!


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