Monday, August 29, 2011

fall is in the air..... least in my sewing room

 i made this from a video someone posted awhile back
too bad i can't remember who
it's called the jelly roll race
and since i did it alone, no one to race with
I WON! haha

love the crinkly back

i figure this would work as a table runner, couch throw or a wall hanging


  1. Lovely, I have a plan to get a jelly roll and do a race by myself as well, the objective - to finish!

    Love this quilt!

  2. LOL Love that you won!! It came out great!!

  3. Congrats on the win! LOL
    It looks great.

  4. You finished it just in time too, because the theme for this weeks contest over at the is jelly roll quilts!!!

  5. congrats on your win! lovely quilt......these are so fun to make.....

  6. Cute quilt. Love the orange.
    I've made 2 jelly roll quilts and think they are fun :D

  7. I love those jelly roll race quilts and yours looks terrific.

  8. You know I went to that You Tube video and made one of these, lovely when you are the only person in the 'race' hahahaha, now I can't find the darn thing. All I know is it was all in blues which I had cut from my massive stash of blue fabrics. I had great plans for it too. I shall search tomorrow again for the darn thing. Gonna make some more in other colours. I love it. Yours too love that Fall coloured quilt.

  9. And with what did you reward yourself for winning your own race LOL!


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