Monday, August 15, 2011

Magazine Bowl Tutorial

 i made this bowl a couple of years ago, but recently wanted to make more
so, i thought a tutorial would be awesome great for ya'll
 you can use a full size magazine, they actually go further and it wouldn't take so many pieces
i happen to have a small quilting catalog on hand, so that will work great for this tut
open it to the center and take out the staples
then cut, with your rotary cutter right down the center of the book
you now have doubled your pages
 stack of pages & a glue stick
now you're ready to fold & glue
 glue down one side of the page, looking at the page just as you see it in this picture
 fold in half like this, and glue down the side again
 fold in half again, and glue again,
 until it looks like this, about 1/2" wide
 start making your bowl, by taking one strip and rolling it up into a circle
 i use small strips of tape to end and start the next ends and starts
 this is what you'll have after a few strips have been rolled onto each other
it's super easy to form a bowl, just push through the center, until it's formed the way you like it
be careful not to push to far though
and the bowl won't be "permanent" until you mod podge it
just brush the mod podge on thick inside and outside the bowl and it will dry clear
and your bowl will be SET

i'd like to see if you make one


  1. Tonya, you always have these great ideas that leave me saying how did she think of that. I'm going to try this, it looks like fun.

  2. Oh - made these back in 4-H - wow, long time ago. Great re-visit - thank you for the tutorial.

  3. I tried this and about lost my flipping mind. I am obviously not meant to make this bowl. Although I love it.

  4. You always have the neatest idea to repurpose things!

  5. Very clear tutorial! Thanks!!! Not sure if I'll do it, but if I do, I'm sure I can easily follow your directions!


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