Friday, September 16, 2011

i'm still around......

see proof below.........

 these strips turned into........
 sewed together strips......and then into.......
2" squares.........then into.........

stay tuned.......

things are crazy here, school started back, trying to work out our routine all over again
E starts Martial Arts classes on Monday
i have an online class starting on Monday as well
it's a Exam Prep class for the AAPC state exam.
that's medical coding (CPT & ICD-9) codes.
i took the actual classes leading up to this exam prep class
nearly 2 years ago.  i've already started going over my books from that class
i'm not worried about the exam prep class, just the state exam



  1. Well, lots of luck with your exam. I just love your work in progress - great fabrics and color.

  2. This is wonderful NEWS! You are smart and will ace that exam, GIRL!
    Very pretty fabric :D

  3. Good luck on your state exam......I'm sure you will do fine! Love the fabric you posted!

  4. Love the orange and pink! it's going to make a great quilt.

    I hope E's school year is going well. You'll totally rock the state exam!

  5. Good luck even though I don't think you need it. You will do just great.

  6. Of course we all wish you good luck with that state exam. Will be looking forward to seeing progress on your sewing of this project you showed here. Good luck to E with the martial arts' class, too!

  7. Can't wait to see the end result of your quilt. All the best in your exams. Hugs

  8. What a vibrant color palette Tonya. Can't wait to see what you make with it. Good luck with your state exam. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors... Has it really been two years since you took the class? My, how time flies!

  9. Best of luck with your exam. I can't wait to see your project.

  10. Good Luck to E and to you as well! Pretty bright 'Barb look'n' fabrics!

  11. Good luck with your exam my friend! LOVE those fabrics!


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