Wednesday, September 21, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt WIP for E

i've been wanting to make E a t-shirt quilt since i learned how to sew
i've been saving his shirts and we had a ton
i let him pick out his favorites

normally, i think these are sports themed
but he hasn't really played a lot of sports
so, his are just his favorites

the blocks are 12" square
stabilized and ready to assemble
(i forgot to say, I used wax paper as a temporary stabilizer, it was a lot
cheaper than heat-n-bond)

 old school shirt
 soccer shirt
 church shirt
 church again, bible school
 just a favorite
 his very favorite and mine too, and Pat's as well
 summer camp
 a favorite
 a favorite
 church, bible school
 a favorite, cause his maw maw bought it
 a favorite cause the yellow glows in the dark
 back of the summer camp shirt
i'll assemble these into a 12" block and it will make the 15 block.

next is borders for each block


  1. Fun t-shirt blocks! I have a bunch of my Father's t-shirts that I intend to make into a quilt for my Step-mother. I have the t-shirts ready to be fused and I bought the sashing fabrics. I guess I'm just waiting for the motivation and time to actually work on it.

  2. Very neat. We never had enough tshirts survive the spaghetti sauce and grass stains to make a quilt. This will be one E will love.

  3. Sounds like a very well rounded young man, it should make a great quilt.

  4. Great choices...and I'm sure you know MY favorite one!!! What is this with using waxed paper as a stablizer? I never heard of doing that.

  5. It scares me to think about making a tee shirt quilt. You are a very talents young lady. I know you will have no problem and I look forward to reading how you make one in your blog.


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