Monday, November 7, 2011

Accuquilt Die Applique-A tutorial of sorts, Kinda

i made this from two dies
♥ round flower
♥ feathers

even the vase came from the round flower die 
you can see that tutorial here

this won't be a step by step tutorial
but I think if I show you what die i cut each piece with
you can put it together fairly quickly

 i'm sure y'all could figure it out
but i'll give you some help
the flower petals are made from the blue feathers on the die

the flower stems are made from the stem, of course ;)
the vase is made from the stem as well, see tutorial link above
the leaf, from the left part of the die
and the center of the flower that i have as yellow
is made from the bigger circle

it was super easy to make and with my BABY GO
so much easier

now all you have to do is blanket stitch around it all


  1. That's great, Tonya! (Of course, I don't have the flower die, but if I ever get it.....I'll be able to make a great wall-hanging of flowers in a vase and know just where I'll hang it!)

  2. Looks wonderfully bright and fun!

    Applique scares me.

  4. How beautiful Tonya! I love applique quilts. They look so bright and cheery and wonderfully made. Have a lovely tuesday afternoon! Delisa :)

  5. Very nice! I like that block alot.


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