Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

a fabric wreath for the front door

i've opted out of Christmas decorations this year
i never thought i'd ever say "i'm not putting up a tree this year"
it's just to hard
no little one here to enjoy it and i don't want a reminder

however; i did make this wreath for the front door
at least the neighbors won't think we're SCROOGE 


  1. The wreath is nice, but I'll look forward to when you put a tree up again.

  2. Pretty!! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  3. Nice wreath Tonya. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. This has to be such a hard time of the year for you, Tonya. I love your fabric wreath.

  5. The wreath is lovely - Happy Thanksgiving and HUGS to you and yours.

  6. Hi Tonya, such a beautiful wreath, so creative and wonderfully made. I'm so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time, and will be alone for awhile. This same thing happened to a dear friend of mine a few years back. When it gets bad just think how much your sacrifice is helping him. Perhaps when he returns he will be feeling better and they will have him on steady meds. and he will have learned some things that will give his daily life more direction and happiness. You sound like a very loving wife and mother. Someday all this will be behind you and you will always know that you did the right thing. Getting him the right treatment was unselfish and kind. Look at it as an opportunity to rest your mind as well from the worry and fear you carry, channel your feelings into giving to others all the things you wish that you could give to "E". You will get back love and appreciation and it will be soothing to your nerves as well. Hang in there and know that we all admire you for your courage. Delisa :)


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