Friday, March 2, 2012

How to....Handmade/Homemade Packaging

this is a super easy tutorial/how to, and required no expense for me
 I had these business cards I got for free a while back for doing a review.
I have 200.  What in the world was I going to do with 200 business cards?
 I had some scrap card stock laying around. 
 Cut the card stock to the same size as your business card.
 card stock cut and ready for the next step
 here I have some fabric covered buttons onto bobbin pins
place those on your card
(I did package some magnets the same way, 
minus the card stock, just go to next step if you don't need card stock)
 place card stock with items on it into one side of a snack size
ziploc baggie
 fold baggie in half, fold the side that don't have anything
 in it onto the back side of your product
 place your business card just above the card stock and on 
top of the ziploc part and staple
waaaaa-laaaa.....handmade/homemade packaging


  1.!! i too have a bunch of cards that i don't know what to do w/. good idea for packaging for the country fair at church....

  2. Great idea! They look wonderful packaged up like that.

  3. Your cards look great and I love what you've done with them! You always come up with such clever ideas!

  4. comment went under Jackie's comment, but you probably read it anyway. Your packaging looks very professional, Tonya.

  5. Very cute display - presentation is everything - and you've got it all!!! :>)

  6. OK, computer ate my comment - very cute display - presentation is everything and you've got it all!!!

  7. Love your site! Got here via Allfreesewing. Sooooo many ideas, so little time!


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