Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm still making ABC's......

and it's not slowing down.....

here is a stack cut, traced and ready to pair up with some batting and sew
this is 4 sets, plus extra letters they order

i still have another set to cut and trace.

i'm about ready to abort these and make a quilt

below are some i finished last week


  1. See? Aren't you glad you went to first grade? Ha ha....that is great Tonya. Sales are a good thing.

  2. Love how the one customer wanted the vowels to stand out by being a different color. Good work on these, Tonya! (I'm not one to make multiples of anything, so I'd be going crazy doing the same thing over and over........I admire those who can make the same item over and over, you!)

  3. You are definitely on a roll!!!!


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