Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remember what your MOM taught you!

NO, this isn't a Mother's Day post.
(but, Happy Mother's Day)

I'm going to go on a little rant.

My Ramen Noodle Coin purse has been featured here and there and everywhere.
And I love that.
However; someone is featuring it now and I have no idea who, but I can tell cause i'm getting tons of comments.
Whoever is featuring it draws in a whole different kind of readers cause the comments are rude and mean.
I've deleted them, cause I don't want people that like the tutorial to see that.
I just don't understand.
And all of the comments come from anonymous or no-reply and I can't reply back to these meanies people of what I'd really like to say.
So, just remember what your MOM taught you....


I know from time to time, we all get these mean comments.
I guess I was raised different.  I could never leave a mean comment, if I don't like the tutorial or item, I just move on.  It's easier and makes my conscious feel a lot better.

(disclaimer: having a rough mother's day today, missing my e)


  1. I bet you are getting the comments via Pinterest. Just for fun, I went to Pinterest and in the search engine I put in Ramen coin bag, and I see your post has been pinned a LOT. Isn't it terrible some people have to be so rude?!! My sister and I have made bags from juice bags. Maybe I need to try the Ramen bags. Thanks
    have a good Mother's day.

  2. That's a shame! All Free Sewing recently sent out an email with your tutorial linked again. Maybe some rotten people found it. I've been seeing more bad people and unsafe links on pinterest lately.

    I use google alerts so I know if anyone has mentioned my blog, etc. They send me an email and a link so I can thank them or if necessary yell at them.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Tonya, some people get their cheap kicks by knocking people who do what they can't do. Don't let it bother you. Just delete it and let it go. You can disable anonymous comments. I have mine set that way. I got one ugly one - anon- of course- so I took that option away.

  4. The others have all said what I would say to you. I'm sorry your day was difficult and I'm sure this didn't help. Hugs to you from me!

  5. it is always best to ignore people like that they are just jealous
    hope you have a great day

  6. Yup I agree with all the above comments!!I know it's hurtful but keep your chin up cause your way better than those losers!!! (((((Tonya))))

  7. I have said it a million times, some people just have no raising. Or they forgot their raising. Just ignore them. (I know, easier said).... But you KNOW that you got real friends and real fans.

  8. Ahh Tanya sometimes people just suck. I'm giving them the one finger salute cause that is what they deserve. Besides I'm from the North and you know how rude we can all be. :^)
    Hang in ether Chica.

  9. I am sorry that happened to dont deserve it.


I love your comments! NO anonymous comments!!