Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Anyone still follow me?

I've cleaned up my blog a bit, and hope to start blogging regular.  Define regular?

I've started stitching (cross stitching) and love it.  

Here's my latest finish
Seven Pines
by: Little House NeedleWorks
stitched on 28 ct Linen with DMC


  1. So happy to see you here again! Wonderful finish!

    Regular means whenever YOU feel like it!

  2. Yup - I still follow you! Welcome back. I've also done just a little counted cross stitch again. I made a Christmas ornament last winter. And I pulled out a UFO cross stitch project that I plan to work on again.

  3. Still here. I haven't blogged much lately either -so don't feel bad!

  4. Oh yeah....glad to have you back! I love the little trees. Your stitching is just great.

  5. REgular can be daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly.......etc

  6. LOL I'm a bad blogger too!! I've been loving your cross stitching. I used to do a lot of it until I did the ultimate challenge ughhhh not once but twice!! I started it for a friend but told her I love you but this is mine!! It's a dragon wrapped around a castle all done with 2 colors all the way! I did one for her too. Than my SIL's brother wanted me to do one for him. NO WAY!! I gave the pattern to his wife!!

  7. Adorable!!! Still here...every time I get an email that you have posted!!!

  8. So glad to see you posting again :) love the adorable cross stich.


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