Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Taking a Vacation from Vacation

We went on a small vacation last week. So nice to get away. Then you get back, and realize you rest more at home than on vacation.
Pigeon Forge, TN

I waited and waited for the moment to get my turn on this amazing wheel.  I'm not afraid of heights, I live for Chair lifts and ski trams. However; once in the small, tight, no handles to hold onto space, I about lost my breakfast. I turned the whitest of whites.  Thankfully, the space is climate controlled and was very cool.  The hubs faced all air vents on me.  You're supposed to go around a total of 4 times or 12 mins.  I wanted to ride for pictures of the amazing views.  4 times around and I hadn't even removed my phone from my pocket.  I barely got a few pictures on the 5th round.  YES, 5 times around.  I couldn't get off soon enough.  Also, they stopped us at the TOP, to fill other carts.  Oh my gravy, I'm glad it's done and I did it.  Not so sure it will happen again.
I did get a great picture of the wheel!!
Waiting to buy tickets for the devil wheel.
A view from the top, looking down on what's called The Island,
where said wheel resides.
Christmas fabric?  Yes, it was in my car, and has been for over a year.  Why? Because, it fell from a box of fabrics and was never picked up.  Yep........but hey.......it came in handy.  We had a picnic in Cade's Cove in The Great Smoky Mountains
I am not a Gatlinburg fan.......see picture as to why!!
I did visit a stitchy shop Dixie Darlin. This is one of the charts I bought.
I got a few more.

Now, off to rest from that vacation!


  1. I always need to rest after a vacation.
    There is NO WAY I would get on the devil wheel. I do have a fear of heights. Once I was on the aerial tram at Ober Gatlinburg and it stopped. Several people were commenting "isn't it nice they stopped for us to look around?" I was sitting where I could see and hear the "driver" - he picked up the "phone" thing and asked "What the ___ is going on?" I was going into panic mode. I imagined one of those disaster movie air rescues. ARRRGH......after about an eternity (or maybe ten minutes) we started moving again---right on up to the top. I don't remember how we got back down. I can't imagine that I got back on that thing.

  2. Ferris wheels have the same impact on me. Give me a roller coaster any day!!!

  3. It looks like a wonderful vacation! I couldn't do the wheel, no way!


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