Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pharmacy Class Completed!!

With a 93 I might add.  I'm so proud of ME!  I was really worried about this class and how I would perform.  The math really worried me.  It's not just regular math, it's PHARMACY math.  It was so hard.  We still have to go back Thursday and finish some more math, but all the grades are in.  I think they wouldn't even say anything if you didn't show up Thursday.  However, if I'm going to pass the state exam, I have to know the math.  Therefore, I'll be there will bells on Thursday night.  GO ME!!


  1. Well...I am proud of you, too!!! This is a good field as people are always going to need medications....so study hard and pass that state test and get yourself a SECURE job!!!! WAY TO GO, Tonya!!!! Yippeeee!!!

  2. Congratulations! Great work, Tonya. You SHOULD feel proud of yourself.

  3. That's just wonderful! Get the math down and stomp on the State tests!

  4. Congrats! You should be so proud of yourself. It is a great profession!


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