Saturday, May 16, 2009

Purple Flower...

This is the flower pot block I won from A little of this and a little of Pat.  I added the purple border, and the yellow binding.  Not much quilting going on on this little beauty.  I quilted around the purple border with a decorative stitch called tree stitch.  It's my favorite all of all my decorative stitches.  Then I stitched around the flower pot and flower for a bit of a quilting look.  I had this hanger in my stash of quilt hangers.  I think it's perfect.  I'll be keeping this. 


  1. Whoa, did this in RECORD time!!! I only popped this in the mail on Monday and you have it DONE already? It looks really cute!!! You did well with it. Thanks for sharing....what a SURPRISE to see it done already.

  2. wow, you did an excellent job on that block and so fastt too!

  3. Lovely little quilt, the flower is perfect for summer!


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