Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fabric Covered Journal

This blogging, reading and writing is soo good for me. It's a release for me. I can't hardly explain it, but it's a good thing. Today was a hard day at class, we had a big test and I didn't do so well on this one. 79 :( I guess there is only so many medical terminology words my pretty little head can hold. And I think the first 100 were the max. Friday will be the coding test, I feel very prepared for it already. Today's test stumped me since Monday. I just could not get these words to sink in. We learn 100 or more sometimes less at a time. Usually I can associate the medical word with a much more common word. Well, I just couldn't on these. She assured me this grade is fine and will not hurt me at all. *fingers crossed*. Not that any of you care of my adult self going to school, but like I said, it's a release just to be able to type it out. Even if no one reads it. Does that make sense?

I did find this cute pattern from for a fabric covered journal. I will give this to a friend of mine, that just found out she's pregnant for the 3rd time. *bless that poor girls heart* Gene Black got me started on wanting to make one of these when he made one a while back. Thanks Gene! I used a journal that was 7 1/2 x 9 3/4 I guess we hit Staples at the right time, because they were on clearance for $0.50.......yeah, we got 15. So, now I have 14 more to go. haha



  1. How cute is this journal?? Love it! Yes, we do care about you going to school and tests> I went back as an adult and struggled with anatomy and statistcs so I hear ya! Hang in there, you will make it!

  2. Of course we care about you going to school. I worked at a college for 34 years, and I know how important it is to acquire new skills. Hang in there. If your instructor said that 79 is okay, she knows what she's talking about, so don't beat yourself up. Good luck on Friday!

  3. I really like your journal cover. Really cute. Great job on your mark!!

  4. Hang in there - and don't be too hard on yourself. I'm another adult who went back to school - started grad school for the second time in my mid-40's after giving up on it in my mid-30's. I felt a bit slow getting back into the groove of studying, but it fell together. And it will be worth it in the end! Trust yourself!

  5. We care!!! I work in a hospital and had to learn lots and lots of medical terms just by being there and soaking it all in. Once you start USING these words they will sink in easier and your grades are just fine.

  6. You silly gal...of COURSE we care!!! Don't you go and get discouraged because of a 79......a grade that the instructor said won't hurt you. I love the journal cover you did! I'm sure your friend will reallyappreciate it.

  7. My daughter, currently in nursing school, calls me every time she has a test: I feel like I am back in school again.

    With 14 journals, you should have your Christmas gift list all taken care of. lol

  8. Hang in there with school! I use to feel the same about french and spanish vocab!

    I love the journal cover! If I ever get a chance to make something other than quilts I'll have to give this little ditty a try!!

  9. Pretty journal!!! Lots of great gifts done up!
    I know the class is hard but I admire you so much for going to school and making a new start at something out of your comfort zone!!
    If the 79 won't hurt you put it behind you and move on.. you will top that I know you will.
    Yes we do care!!

  10. I love them! I would love to make one to carry in my purse, but I never seem to get around to making anything for me!

  11. You are doing very nicely at school, pat yourself on the back for me. Love the baby creations, she'll be tickled to receive them.

    Have a snuggly warm eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  12. That journal is lovely!It is a great gift idea!


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