Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taking a much needed break.......

......from cleaning and studying. I'm going to show some pictures of my family today. I'm always hesitant to share to much information on this here wide world web, but hey.........I'll take a chance. (click on the pictures to see them all bigger)
E on the Blue Ridge Parkway, he loves how that tree has grown around that huge rock.
If you can't catch a fish, catch a leaf.
No explanation needed. lol
TJ & E (and his name really is TJ)
E, check out that background, beautiful.
us, the family......we have bunches of pictures of various poses, we are going to edit these and have them printed. This is our 2009 family picture.
another shot.....
Me & E.......sorry for the terrible close up of me, but hey, the close up of E is amazing. Take the bad with the good I guess.
My aunt holding her quilt. My mom beside her in Blue (isn't she precious). My cousin beside me and her daughter in front of her. I was being totally goofy. We had a great time with them all last night.
Us again, these are some of my favorite people. Add E and TJ in the mix and I'm set.


  1. It's so nice to be able to spend time with the people who are really important. Looks like a great family.

  2. Nice pictures!! Gotta love that countryside!

  3. Love your pictures.....did you get to check out that 3 column site?

  4. Gorgeous pictures of everyone, seriously good looking boy is E. Hubby not so bad either!!! Love the one of you all together, and the groups pikky is just great, thanks for sharing Tonya. Fabulous views too.
    This is my second attempt at posting, Blogger took my last message and sent it into syber space methinks!!!
    Love to you and yours Jan xx

  5. I really enjoyed seeing your photos. It looks like your aunt was really happy with the quilt you made for her!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! And tell E that that really is a cool tree! (Hey - wouldn't that be a cool quilt for a Christmas present for E?)

  7. Great photos & it nice to see close ups of you as well
    Hugs Janice

  8. Thanks so much for the great pics! I have to say that is one cute kid. I can tell he is full of fun.

  9. What a wonderful looking family you have! I love the scenery of your area of the country. Just gorgeous!

  10. Great pictures. Looks like you have a wonderful family. Isn't nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather with your family? It's always nice to see the world through the eyes of children.

  11. Awesome pictures!! Love the family shots with the beautiful background!
    I think your break was well deserved!!

  12. I am always hesitant, too, so I totally understand.

    These are great pics and the area looks so pretty. How relaxing. We wanted to do that this weekend, there is a river and woods near here but we never made it.

    Love the freckles on E too!

  13. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. How nice for you all!

  14. We've traveled parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a gorgeous drive!! You and your family seem to be having a wonderful time.


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