Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Hope Chest gets a makeover.

We love this chest. It sits at the foot of our bed and usually is a catch-all. It's pretty beat up, has some dings and such. Along with the beautiful green handbag Jan sent me, she also sent this teddy bear quilt/throw.....and I'd bet it was for E, but it now rest in our room on our hope chest. one tell her ok? haha She had hand quilted it all but two bears. I finished them up and binded in brown and waaaaaaa-la. It's so super cute! I'm sure it should be used in some other way, but for now, it's at home.
I'm so looking forward to the week ahead. Anyone know why? It's the last week of my class ya'll!! WOOHOO, YIPPIE! I'm not excited at all. ;)

Also, where do you buy your thread? My stock of white thread is running very low. On my last spool to be exact. I used to get it at Wal-Mart. Well, we all know what they've done to their fabric department. Dang them! I checked Well, their website is down and it redirected me to, which I love. Anywho, please tell me where you get your thread. Any cheap places, or good deals?


  1. I went crazy at hobby lobby because there was a big sale and I found a lot of thread on clearance. Stuff that had become unwound a little or that the spool had been damaged and I got a lot of thread at 1 dollar a spool.

    I tend to buy where the sale is even if that is online. For strictly hand quilting thread I usually do have to buy online because most of our local stores only carry a basic all purpose and very little for use by hand. I like Quilters (Quilting?) Warehouse, Hobby Lobby, Hancocks but have been told recently YLI is really good and am thinking of buying from their mainsite.

    I like Hobby Lobby too because if you just need one item they have the constant running coupon that takes 40% off of one item and then of course their weekly flyer.

  2. Congratulations on finishing up your class!

    I love your chest!

  3. I usually do Hobby Lobby. I have also ordered from Connecting Threads - usually when I can order over $50 so it is free shipping.
    I have also heard that YLI is really good, I haven't tried it yet.

  4. What has WalMart done to the sewing dept? I just came from there getting groceries, but passed right by the sewing dept and didn't notice anything unusual.
    I love the chest and the new quilt on it is just perfect.

  5. I purchase my thread from Fabricland. I use to get it at the quilting store, however it closed. Nice to see you posting again, you've been missed. Hugs.

  6. My cedar chest at the foot of the bed tends to be a catch all too. Ummm!

    Thread....I get mine at JoAnns when it is on sale or I use my 40% off coupons.

  7. I get thread at Joann's when it's on sale or when I have a coupon. Sometimes I get it at a quilt show when I get a chance to go to one. CUTE teddy bear quilt!!!

  8. This may sound crazy but the day after thanksgiving sale is great at Hobby Lobby, most things off at least 50% of the already marked down price! Can usually get good deals! Joanns does the same sale on materials and etc.
    I know its a mad house on that day but sometimes the pennies saved is worth it!


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