Sunday, November 22, 2009

Several Things.......

First and foremost and most important, I have finished that darn class. WOOHOO Friday was the last day. I am so thankful it's over and I passed it with flying colors. However, it wasn't easy. I struggled with it more than I did my Pharmacology class.

Secondly, I got some more yummy fabric and white thread. I needed the thread and who can order thread without ordering fabric? Not me! I got 2 sets of fat eighths. Those and fat quarters are great for me, as I don't have a huge sewing area.
The stack that the thread is on is called "Snow Days", the other stack is "Twilight Frost". I was a little disappointed in the Twilight Frost stack, over 5 of those have a very thick 1" or more selvage edge. I'm not sure if that's normal on a fat eighth? I did email the company and ask. We'll see.

Lastly, my car! I put a picture on here. I'm sure the car won't look near as bad as I said the accident was. I know I was very lucky. However, it was a very hard impact. I had high hopes they were going to fix my car. Now, it looks as if their not and all because the air bags deployed. I'm so heart broken. So bummed! Her insurance only has to give me Kelly Blue Book value for the car. Well, the value is a bit less than payoff. That's also ok, because we have GAP insurance. (thank GOD) it will pick up the rest and be sure the car is paid off. NOW......her insurance company don't have to give me a single penny towards the purchase of a new car. Unless, I was hurt. I did go to my dr. everything checks out well. I do still have bruises, but nothing major. I can't for the sake of all that is good, lie and say I was hurt when I wasn't just to get more money. It's not me! I'll suffer without a car before I would do that. I believe in karma and it would come back 10 fold. I do believe everything happens for a reason (although, I'll be honest and say I haven't seen that yet). Most of you know I've been layed off for quite some time now. However, I also can't look for a job without a car. I loved this car, it was good to me and protected me in this wreck. Sounds silly, but I'll miss it greatly. I just can't imagine it being totaled. The damage really is just what you see.

It just blows my mind that you can hit someone and not be responsible for providing another car for that person.
Ok, off my soapbox now. I'm looking forward to the up coming week. Looking forward to being lazy, spending some quality alone time with ME, sewing, lounging around all day in my nightgown (if I want to), and taking naps when I want to, eating turkey, being with family and Wednesday a well deserved trip out of town to see TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra). Hopefully, we'll still have the rental car until then.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and thoughts. You all mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love you all!


  1. OMG, Tanya! That looks awful! It really isn't fair that you will be without a car. Good thing that class is finished - I think your stress meter must be topped off! Have fun at TSO - I love them. Last year was the first year we haven't seen them in many years.

    And I am sure Kharma knows you didn't tell the lie that would have gotten you cash. Something good is coming your way!

  2. DARN...I was hoping they'd fix the car for you. *sigh* I'm sorry this isn't going to happen.....but I agree that you can't lie and say you were hurt. It certainly does seem unfair, though, that people can be innocent victims and be left without a car. I hope something works out for you. In the meantime, enjoy TSO. Hubby put a big light show in our yard for the holidays...where you turn your car radio to a certain station and the lights go on and off in time to the music. He uses a lot of TSO's Christmas music....wish you could see it. I'm sure you'd love it.

  3. I was so hoping that you'd get your car fixed, and it is so ridiculous that you have to be injured before they will replace your car. You've stayed true to yourself, and you will be blessed for that. Enjoy your week, and especially TSO. Congratulations on successfully completing yoru class!

  4. Tonya, I am so sorry to hear that the car will just be "paid off" That is so totally unfair. Good thing you had the GAP insurance though.

    I am thinking you should start sewing things to sell! You can put up to 12 items on ArtFire for free. All you do is sign up for a basic membership. There is totally no charge. (sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an advertisement)
    What I meant is that maybe you could earn some money to put toward another car.

  5. Oh, I'm glad you wern't hurt as bad as your car looks. I can't iimagine not having a car. My hope is that another car is quickly in your future. Enjoy your week off.

  6. I love your fabric and so glad you got some thread.

    As far as the car goes....I know now why I value your friendship, you are honest, true, kind and very caring.......I know you will be so blest for your goodness, even tho it does not seem so now. I hope you have a wonderful time resting and I look so forward to seeing all the wonderful things you do this week....but do your mind and don't worry...the worst is over...

    Thanks for your wonderful example!!!!

  7. Class is over. You are unharmed. The car loan is paid off entirely. All good things. Better to be unhurt than hurt just to get money for a new car. Something will work out. I feel it.
    I continue to think about how in the world am I going to pay for my daughter's college (next fall) when this area has a 15% unemployment rate. All I can do is try my hardest and figure something will work out.

  8. Oh, yes...congrats on finishing the course and passing it with flying colors. I told you that you could do it...didn't I?

  9. It just doesn't seem reasonable, does it? I wish they would have given you a replacement car too, but I am with you on the lying.

  10. First of all I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. Hopefully you'll be able to get a car soon. Yes, honesty is always the best policy.I believe what goes around comes around and lying will come back and bite you in the butt.
    Congratulations on passing your class, I know it has been a real thorn on your side. hang in there something good will come from this.

  11. I tend to get emotionally involved with my cars too. We are the kind of people that drive a car until we can't drive it any more. Several cars have passed through our family from one to the other. We had an old Subaru that at some point we all called "our" car. It had a sunroof that leaked and my daughter had to carry around a hugh piece of plastic to throw over it when it rained. You are right to keep in mind that you were not hurt.

  12. So glad that you are okay,and hope uyour car is fixed soon. What an ordeal for you!

  13. That looks very similar to my car! Except much more severe!

    I'm glad you're ok... I also experienced the brused chestal area!


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