Monday, November 16, 2009

A stack of New-ness!!

What a stack of newness. Would you believe these are samples? They all are fat quarter size. The 3 on the bottom of the stack are double the size of a fat quarter. I counted about 32. I love a good deal on fabric. Thanks to all who told me where they buy their thread. I found a pretty good deal @ Connecting Threads. I also got some clearance fabric from them as well. I'll show that when it comes. And because I live in the boonies, I buy most of my fabric online, usually Ebay. I got some Moda/Hello Betty at a really good price. I want to make a signature quilt. Not sure how I'll go about that yet. We'll see later. See below all the yummy-ness.
3 different flannel prints
6 different flannel prints
3 different Seasme Street
5 or 6 more different Seasme Street
these are cool, click on these.....there is a textured "x" pattern in the fabric. love this, I don't want to cut these.
8 different "latte" patterns (and one I didn't picture)
3 different "dinner" patterns

How about all that? I love it! I don't know what they were samples of, but I'm not complaining. I hope to find more of these soon.


  1. you are killing all the fabric...had to go and get slobber rag.

  2. You little sneak, you didn't mention WHERE you got the samples. But we still love ya, just as you are!

  3. What a fabric treasure trove! I love getting new fabrics.

  4. Oh wow what a deal. I love those pink & yellow batik-looking fabrics the most! I like scrappy quilts so I never have a problem with samples or fat quarters or even fat eighths.

  5. Gee.......I think you need to make something with some of that gorgeous fabric to have as a giveaway for your regulars here....hehehe!

  6. Great fabric. I have bought a lot of fabric on Ebay, in fact, way too much!! I try to stay away these days. I tend to get carried away.

  7. What wonderful fabrics. Can't wait to see your signature quilt. Hugs..

  8. Great haul! Did you get these on Ebay? I used to work as a floor nurse in a hospital and seeing that Sesame Street fabric makes me yearn for a cute smock made from it!


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