Thursday, December 31, 2009

Apron Pattern

Click on the above picture to see what that is, see who # 46 is.
Apron Pattern and more than a yard of fabric, more coordinating fabric will be needed for trim, but I didn't have anything that went with this. Also, apron states "one size fits all" haha. That never is true for me, so I'm passing this on.
**The generator said 46 I promise, I don't know why it won't keep it in there.**

# 46 and no one knows what that means, right? Well, I was having a bit of a giveaway and didn't tell a soul. How rude right? Yep...I took my last few posts copied all the comments into word and numbered them all. Then random number generator choose #46 out of 51 comments.

These pictures didn't post in the order I wanted, but then again I wasn't going to title this "giveaway winner" as I didn't want anyone to know unless they READ the entire post.

Congrats to Cecelia!!

I used to have your address Cecelia, but can't seem to find it. Please email me with it and I'll get your goodies out. Thanks to all my loyal followers, I love you all!


  1. You little sneak!!!! Congrats to the winner....

  2. So close... yet so far away. Congratulations to Cecelia - what a lovely prize.

    Happy New Year, Tonya!

  3. I LOVE surprise giveaways as the prize usually always goes to someone who has been a regular follower...and that's the way I feel it SHOULD be!!!! Congrats to Cecelia!!!

  4. Congratulations to Cecelia. I know she will be thrilled.

  5. Wow! What a surprise! And what a generous giveaway. It's going to be such fun to make. I'm also one that 'one size fits all' doesn't fit, but I'll make it work. Thank you so much. I'm just thrilled to win this.

  6. That is a hoot! What a nifty way to reward loyal readers!

    Happy New Year!!!

  7. So Cool! Congrats to Cecelia. Happy New Year Tanya Hope 2010 brings youpeace and prosperity

  8. Happy New Year Tonya !!
    You sneaky turtle you...;-)
    Congrats to Cecelia too!!
    Wonderful prize!!

  9. Well done and lucky you Cecelia, just what I needed too, Hey buddy, it wouldn't fit me either!! So what, we can MAKE them fit. Its what we do right??
    lol Janxx


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