Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mail Call and Early Christmas for ME..

Everything I bought from Connecting Threads was 40% off, and I got free shipping.
These are 2 garland kits. My MIL loves Americana things.
Another Americana Kit, I like this one ;)
Table Topper or hanging for no one special.
again, no one special.....
For my brother's baby coming in Feb.
backing for the above and below quilt for my brother's baby..

table topper or hanging...

I love goodies in the mail.


  1. Great stuff. I especially like the woodland animals out enjoying activities. February isn't that far away - how exciting.

  2. You got some nice things! I love getting mail like that!

  3. Isn't it fun to get a great package in the mail!
    Now you can sew on all the days you can't leave the house.

  4. Wonderful bargains for such nice kits!!!
    These will keep ya busy during the winter for sure!!

  5. I love it when the mail carrier is so nice to me! You're going to have a great time with all those new goodies.

  6. wow, I love your package....I will be right over to help you sew up that stuff...can I use your stuff?

  7. WOWEEE....what a DEAL....40% off AND free shipping! You know how to shop, girlfriend!!!

  8. WOW, 40% off is great and to get free shipping is even better. Have fun making these quilts. Hugs.

  9. Great Bargain and gives you plenty to do during the cold winter months :^)

  10. Ooohh nice loot! I love getting good mail, too. I guess I'll have to start ordering more stuff online because all we ever seem to get is junk mail and bills!

  11. So jealous, I love connecting threads!!! They have the best deals and kits. They give you a lot of extra fabric in those kits too! ;)


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