Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Recycling..

This one is about half the size of the other one. It's 10" in the waist (top) and 13" at the bottom and 5" deep. So cute for a small child. I cut some fabric 2" wide and looped through the belt loops, then just tied a simple knot. Love this one, wished I had a little girl, she would be well stocked. Just another to add to my Etsy store.

It's raining cats and dogs and pigs and horses outside today, so I had to take my picture inside. We might have some snow this weekend. I've got my fingers crossed for it. I love me some snow!!


  1. You are zipping !! haha through these me dear, great idea, I love them. Well done.

  2. Let's see 10" x 2....a 20" waist. I could only wish!!!!! Do you think people would think they were a pair of jeans from somewhere in my childhood?

    Very cute though!!!

  3. These are cute little purses. A really clever idea.

  4. That purse is very cute, too. Tell you what...any snow WE get this year, I will immediately send to you (as I don't like it)

  5. So cute, we love recycling stuff. That purse turned out so lovely, perfect!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Ann Flowers

  6. Cute!!
    We had rain yesterday too, just like you said LOL!

  7. How cute! You are just full of ideas these days. You keep that snow at your end of the state. We don't know how to handle it at this end!

  8. So cute. The belt just does the trick, doesn't it. I love it. Great job on recycling.

    btw - I can send you lots of snow. We have over a foot of it at present. Hugs

  9. Hi Tonya!

    Great repurposing----go kiddo -go!

    You are SO creative!

    love, kelee


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