Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I should be quilting......

Normally, I make a quilt top and then sandwich and baste it and quilt and it's done. I guess somewhere along the lines I forgot that's what I used to do and let 6 quilt tops pile up.


I sandwiched and basted (needle and thread) all these quilt tops. And I still didn't get to my turtle quilt. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that was last June. I am so ashamed. I should have sandwiched and basted that one first and it's still in a box. I'm getting it out right now and moving it to the top of the stack. geessshhhh..
In my own defense, it did take awhile to find some backing fabric. I found some of the blue/polka dotted fabric as is on the front.

Remember (i know this will be hard for some of you) in school when you had to keep up with a baby doll, or a raw egg? I never had to do that, thank goodness, but knew kids who did. Well, E has to keep up with this cabbage plant. He has to record details of this plant and pictures online weekly. Then come Sept, whoever has the BIGGEST cabbage plant, including all the leaves will win a prize and I think I read that it's $1,000.00.............just read it again, it's $1,000.00 Scholarship. And in reading it again, the teacher will choose who's in the biggest in the class, that's sent in and then a drawing will determine the "state" winner. Wow, what a small chance of winning. But, anywho..........should be fun to watch this thing till Sept. He brought it home in a very small peat pot. We moved it to it's new mansion. I'll keep you all updated as well with the cabbage. Maybe we should name it? I'll ask E if we can.


  1. I hope he wins. North Carolina has wonderful soil. Yep, you should be quilting my dear. I know the feeling.

  2. Oh..MY! you let that many pile up? You are a UFO queen! hehehee

    Good luck with the cabbage

  3. Didn't remember the Turtle Quilt, it sure is cute! What a fun project to watch the cabbage grow - good luck!!

  4. tee hee your UFO's are growing!
    What fun to watch a cabbage grow! Hope he wins!!

  5. What a fun project for children - I hope your son wins! I love your little turtle quilt. It's so you! Good luck with catching up with your UFOs.

  6. Last year Reb had to grow a runner bean, we planted it in the garden and had two dinners from the beans. yum yum.


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