Sunday, March 21, 2010

Serious Replies and Comments only please..

So, we needed a "beach" bag for our upcoming vacation.

I have a blue-million of Capri Sun bags saved up.

So here's what I came up with. My question to you is.......

Do you think this beach bag would make my butt look big?

I wanted to take a picture outside, but the monsoon has arrived.

I think this bag will be perfect for 50 towels, 10 changes of clothes, and snacks while we are at the pool.

We're heading to Pigeon Forge in 2 weeks to stay at the Wilderness Lodge. It has a HUGE indoor water park. So, the first week in April we'll be enjoying the water. Plus the advantage of it not being peak season and hopefully, not busy.

Remember to answer my question. Let's make it even more fun.
I will make a "custom" Carpi Sun Bag to the person that has the best answer for my question. I'll let you tell me how big you want it, and if you prefer a special color. I'll let you know what colors I have. And I'll send it to you. My husband and myself have a great sense of humor, so this should be fun.


  1. That has to make your butt look small! I have made many of these bags and that is 2 1/2 times bigger than mine,LOL! I am not funny enough to win,plus I have my own. But I just had to answer,LOL!

  2. "Can't tell, that big a_ _ bag is what I'M looking at!" LOL

    PS I LOVE your bag! Hope nobody's response is funnier than mine so I can win one *smiles*

  3. Capri Sun versus a Bigga Bum
    You want to know what we're thinking
    When folk see this stunner at the beach
    The chaps I am sure will be winking...
    So what do I think of your wonderful bag
    It's such a clever idea
    It's a bag that'll go on ad-infinitum
    That's year after year after year...
    So, NO I don't think it'll affect your bum
    Size isn't everything these days
    It's only the blokes who worry bout that!
    You just get on that beach and laze.

    Best I could do my lovely Tony. Just think your bag is absolutely fabulous. You are a clever girl.
    lol Jan xxxxxxx

  4. Now...HOW could it make your butt look big? Are you planning to WEAR the bag on your bottom and that is why you are asking such a silly question????? Heck....after you stuff it with 50 towels and 10 changes of clothes, you will look like a teeny-tiny 50-lb. child in comparison. Of course, stuffed with so much stuff, you will FEEL like a teeny-tiny 50-lb. weakling child and might not be able to even CARRY the bag!!! (Oh...that's right...I forgot.....that's why you are taking TJ along on the tripin that haul all the "stuff" in the big bag for you!!!) LOL

  5. oops...never mind the typo in my previous comment....the last sentence SHOULD read: .....that's why you are taking TJ along on the haul all the "stuff" in the big bag for you....... but I'm sure you knew what I meant...right?

  6. Now Honey~ you know that wouldn't make your butt look big!!! LOL Using my best baritone voice!!
    I think this is a great idea and looks so cute. I think of these bags when I am drinking the capri suns. Hope you have a great time!!

  7. Ode to the Lady with the big Clutch
    who made it so big to hide her big butt.
    Some say it was as big as a hutch...
    what? The big butt or the big Clutch?

    So I will have to say, the bigger the clutch,
    the smaller the butt
    the more it contains (we are talking clutch)
    the more it will grow...
    the more it will grow...
    the less it will show
    the less of a butt
    covered by the big clutch
    and looks less like a big hutch.

  8. I am gonna sit here wit my teef in my mouf and keep quiet! I done learned that some questions ain't got no right answers!

  9. I think the bag will cover your butt if you carry it just right, so no, it won't make your butt look big. It is so cute. I've made little purses for my grands from these, but I would have never thought of making a beach bag. What a great idea!! How clever!

  10. Hey....who is going to be looking there when they are all looking at that great bag? Mind if I borrow it too????? I could use some help in that department.

  11. Well since I personally have never see your butt, I will have to imagine the Scene:

    I am in the water park, sitting in my bathing suit covered in a huge beach towel, hoping no one is looking at my big butt. Wishing I had that Capri Sun bag the woman who just walked by had. So I could hold it in a way that everyone on my right would at least not see what is hidden behind it. Then when I actually let my mind wander away from my fat butt. I would think, Does she have a kid in tow, cause that is a lot of Capri Suns for one woman;)

    So if you think like me then no! That bag will not make your butt look big.

    Ann Flowers

  12. Tonya to answer your question honestly you must take a picture with the bag.

  13. Ohhhhh sexy girlfriend!!! I love big buts I can not lie but that bag is so dazzling it's gonna hide your but, so no it's not gonna make your but look big!!!

  14. It will only make your butt look big if you attempt to put your butt in it!! It will be great for wet suits and towels, though!!

  15. If you think it does make your butt look big just make you husband carry it!

  16. I do think, that to answer this question honestly, you should be modeling it and mooning us. Ooops, did I just say that? Oh, well from the looks of it, I think anyone;'s butt would look small. In fact, you could probably change clothes hiding behind it. Take it with you for long rides with no rest areas for miles, and use it as a shield for those "outdoor potty stops". Or, once the towels are out, mount it on a pole for a sun umbrella. If you find any snow, you could use it as a sled. Pack a picnic in it and then use it for a table cloth. Oh, the uses are endless, but exagerate the size a a butt? Nope.

  17. Tonya my friend, the more butt the better, I say.
    I wonder if you can use the reflective qualities of the bag to signal outer space?! Ali

  18. There's not buts about it that bag will not make your but look big, BUT it might make you look like a Capri Sun Sl_t. (lol) Enjoy Pigeon Forge.

  19. as long as you dont wear it on your butt I dont think anyone will pay attention to your butt when you are carrying this beauteous bag.....did I butter up your buns enough? Melinda

  20. No it won't make it look bigger. Everyone will be looking at your wonderful bag anyway.


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