Friday, March 12, 2010

No Sew Green Block Swap.......

quilt top is done...yah
Now, mine will not look like anyone else's. Not even a chance. I screwed this thing up so bad. I had one block that only finished 11" instead of 12". I'm sure it was something I did. So, I trimmed them all to 11". On some of them it really trimmed off to much. I even flipped some of them the wrong way for the top. I actually really like how this turned out.
I really need to stop making quilt tops and quilt the stack I have. It's out of control.
However, I have a Scooby Doo quilt in the works and need to get it finished. So the stack will have to wait a bit longer.


  1. Looking good. I still need to make 3 or 4, then I'll show it.

  2. YAY!!! You did a good job. The quilt is supposed to be your you can make it any way you like. It was fun, though, to just pick up a baggie when I felt like sewing and already have the fabric cut. I enjoyed the ease of that, didn't you? I messed one up and added a strip of fabric to to each side to get it up to a bigger size. Doesn't matter as I'm happy with it anyway! I will probably show what is done so far of mine on a post on my blog on Sunday.

  3. Looks good to me..;-)
    It is YOUR top to sew up as you wish after all!
    I have so many things ahead of mine so maybe one day soon I can 'play'.

  4. Nice work! It looks great. You're making me want to get to it. But I'll have to finish the project on my machine first... right?

  5. I like it! But what matters most is that you are satisfied with the end result!

  6. I like it! I cant see any mess ups and I am not going to look for them...I am going to just enjoy it....


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