Saturday, April 10, 2010

Show & Tell Part I

Are ya'll ready..........
Green, of course to make the bag on the pattern. I'm not a Pink kind of gal.
I got 2 yards of this yellow for my mom and a project she had in mind. Well, turns out it's too bright for her, so now it's mine. (nice)
Peas & Carrots Charm Packs from Moda...see the price on there? $6.00
This is called "Twice the Charm, Double your measure, double your fun" from RJR Fabrics.

I'm really into pre-cuts these days.
Pattern Called "Sticks & Stones" for a Moda Gobble Gobble Honey Bun...I got the other yardage to go with it. It called for a big dot fabric and a small dot fabric.....the colors don't show true on here. However, it matches really well.
A cute bag of 70 "seashell" buttons. Remember my button craze?
I subscribed to this several weeks back and my first issue came while we were gone.


  1. Oh what lovely treasures!! Can't wait to see some finished projects!

  2. Great selections! You're going to be busy - but then again you always are!

  3. Your bag will be really cute in the fabrics you show! And I totally agree, precuts are great!

  4. The bag pattern looks very interesting. What size is the bag?

  5. What beautiful fabrics you chose. Those greens will make a beautiful bag. I love quilt magazines, and have way too many subscrdiptions.

  6. LOVE everything you got.......looks like you had an Amish shopping bag, just like me.....which fills up with GREAT quilting treasures!!! LOL I need to get some of that green with the black and white for a project. (You know me, I am the GREEN QUEEN!!!)

  7. I love all of your goodies. Have fun!

  8. Mmmm.... Mom's reject fabric is lovely. You know how I like that vibrant brightness. Great deal on the charm packs.

    That Green will make a Gorgeous purse that will be all YOU.

  9. Tonya fabulous fabrics. I love those chams packs. What will you be making with them??
    welcome back

  10. Wonderful fabrics. I love green!

  11. Yummeeeeeeeee. Love the greens for the bag. You had a great time shopping and made some really nice purchases. $6.00 charm packs? Zowee. Be still my heart!

  12. I like your choice of green better than pink, too! Can't wait to see all this made up. You better get busy!

  13. Oh my goodness....I had better get out there and go shopping to catch up with you!!

  14. Oh my 6 bucks for charm packs! Love those peas and carrots!
    Nice bag fabbies too..ya know I am a yalla gal...everything is just WANDAMUS!

    You have plenty to stay busy with for a bit now!!

  15. I love it! I love it all! I especially love the green fabrics and those charm squares with the little pea pods. Sigh. So cute!

    I love the seashell buttons too.

    Are you going to make that watermelon quilt on the front of the magazine?

    Great shopping spree!!!

  16. I can't wait to see the finished products! Great stash haul!


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