Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Page Clean Up

 I cleaned up my blog page quite a bit
I had a lot of "junk" on here
I like it a lot better (for now)

I also created a "finished in 2011" list
over there on the right side
and I must say....I'm not very impressed with it
I was sure I had a lot more BIG (cause I only counted big finishes) than that
guess I'd better get to work ☺

the t-shirt quilt on the post before this one, is in the UFO pile
I was so careful with this quilt, got sashing around each block, went to sew all the blocks together
and nothing lines looks horrible......


  1. I need a blog cleanup/redesign myself. I'm thinking of changing blogger templates. I'm not looking forward to it because it always takes me so long.

    So sorry to hear about the Tshirt quilt. I've heard they can be very challenging. I have a feeling that you'll make it work somehow - it just needs a bit of a time out for being unruly!

  2. I understand that with T-shirt quilts it is easier to do if you stabilize the T-shirt fabric somehow. Good luck with getting it sorted.

    Hey, I see a finish for every month and some have several. I think ya did good.

  3. Stop beating yourself up about the teeshirt quilt Tonya, they are notoriously hard to get right, you have to stabilise them which makes it stiff then, so don't fuss with it, it is to be used so the general wear and tear will sort it out. It is going to be lovely and snuggly and soft.
    I ought to have a sort out too on my Blog, but I don't have the adverts to contend with, I refuse to have them.
    You have done great on your UFO list, what a great idea, I may copy that one my friend. xxx :-)

  4. Can you maybe rethink the t-shirt quilt and not try to get the sashing and blocks to line up? Maybe you can make wider blocks (squares, rectangles) to fit around and have the blocks not all be in neat rows? There's not rule that says quilt blocks have to all line up in rows, ya know? I know that sounds confusing, but hopefully, you'll know what I mean. Oh...and good job on your finishes...I know you finished way more than I did so far in 2011.

  5. I think Pat is trying to say is offset your t-shirt blocks. With 1/2 blocks on the sides. What option in dashboard did you use to make your "I finished" list? with the links?

  6. Love the cleaner, liter look - very appealing . And monthly finishes are good finishes - I think you forgot a few.

  7. Looks like you got alot finished this year. Definitely more than me.

    T-shirt quilts are hard to keep lined up without using stabilizer. If you have the rows sewn together on the t-shirt quilt and the next row doesn't line up then maybe you can off set the rows so it won't matter if they line up.


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