Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Stitchery Completed

"share faith
offer prayer
gather hope"

this one is for my mom
i've realized i can't use this flimsy white fabric
i knew muslin would be better, but with no light box
i was worried about transferring the image
it's not quite as wrinkled as it seems
i have it framed and ready to give
i even made my own matte frame using Scrapbook Textured Card stock

same here, framed and ready to give

i've started another stitchery and i'm using muslin
it looks much better
live and learn, right


  1. Your Mom will love it, beautiful message.

  2. You are doing a nice job with those stitched pieces, Tonya!

  3. Oh wow, just noticed your new header, I LOVE IT!!!!


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