Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas SAL Blocks

ok, i'm hooked on stitching right now
you all know, i dabble in everything crafty
and i often get hung up on one thing or another
right now it just happens to be stitchery

i found the Christmas SAL via Nola's blog

there are 5 blocks out right now and i'm done with 2
3 more to go to be current and by then another one will be out
it's one a week for 8 weeks

you know how i don't like to follow the rules, i'm a rebel of sorts, i guess
she's doing all her's in red
since it's for Christmas and i love GREEN
i'm doing red and green
she put batting behind her block for a quilted look
i didn't
she also put french knots on the ends of the letters
i hate french knots....ugghhh
i should say, i hate my french knots
i'm sure there is a easier way to do them than what i'm doing
i'm loving these blocks


  1. Hi Tonya, how beautiful! I enjoy doing embroidery too. I also loved the picture of your thread bobbins. Doesn't it feel good to have our yarn and thread all organized? I just got done reorganizing my supplies too. Have a lovely evening! Delisa :)

  2. So cute, Tonya! It will make a fabulous quilt when you are finished with it.

  3. Very cute----though about stitching, but haven't taken the plunge. Maybe soon.

  4. Those look great Tonya.
    I felt the same way about french knots. But after watching this video it made so much more sense to me. /stitch-videos.html

  5. I love your blocks. Funny...I enjoy doing French knots 99% of the time. I'd help you get to like them if I lived by you!!! LOL


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