Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Makeover in E's Room

soooooo, we're in the process of an extreme makeover in E's room
and I mean extreme..
thankfully, i had already painted all his furniture black
oops....except for the bed, i'll get right on that

i've struggled with what the decor will be
i wanted all black (with some white)
he wants black and orange (the colors of our local high school football team)

i'm back to black
and i've just had a brilliant idea (well, i think so)
how about i put these different sayings on his wall?
not all of them, just a select few
and in black self adhesive lettering

and one that says "i love you" -mom


  1. Very nice....but I would also give him a touch of orange since he really seemed to want that.....even if it's just a throw pillow and you make a cover for it that is made with black and orange fabric.

  2. Some sayings on the wall are a good idea. Why not put them in frames and you or E could change them sometimes. A quilt in the school colours would be nice.

  3. I agree with Pat that you really need to put some of the orange in the room. Maybe do some of the sayings in orange? Or if you decide to frame some of them, do them in orange on a black background.

    Orange sheets and pillows on a black bed would be pretty cool too. Or black sheets with Orange pillowcases.

  4. Go for it Tonya I am sure he will love whatever you do.

  5. I went to West Wilkes and remember lots of Black, White and Orange! White sheets with a black, white and orange quilt.

  6. I like the idea of having the sayings in frames. Maybe make some orange frames and some black. Plus, I would definitely add in the orange he wants. Makes life much easier when we can give the kids some say in their lives. I think an orange quilt, throw pillows, small rug, curtains, etc. That way the colors can be easily changes if he changes his mind.

  7. Splashes of orange will look great and make the room pop, and everyone gets what they want.


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