Friday, December 30, 2011

Paper Piecing

I think I've got paper piecing down pat.
I was worried about trying this technique.
 this was my first attempt at paper piecing
 this flower is my second attempt
 this house was my 3rd attempt, I love the perfect-ness of the lines, it just makes me smile
 this is my 4th attempt at paper piecing
I'd say I've got it down pat, would you?
close up,
the mittens each have 17 pieces, WOW
I was worried about this pattern,
I thought it was bigger when I got it, I didn't pay attention to size.
This hat-scarf-mittens hanging will go to live in San Jose, CA
It looks a bit wonky on it's right side, but it's not.

I think now that i've learned paper piecing, I'll do my Farmer's Wife blocks paper pieced.
Now I'm just worried about curved pieces in those blocks.  eeekkkk


  1. Did you sleep at all yesterday/last night?! I'm guessing you did not! You're ***totally*** rocking the paper piecing!

  2. WOW....the hat and mitten piece is FABULOUS, Tonya!!! You certainly do have this technique mastered and I think me......enjoy it, too!

  3. This wall hanging is proof that you have mastered the skills of paper piecing. Very cute!

  4. You really got good quickly at paper piecing. Congrats.

  5. Lovely pieces. Don't worry about the curves; you've mastered everything else you've tried, so you'll do just great!

  6. I'd say you have it down pat! The hat and mittens quilt is wonderful. I love that little pattern and you did such a GREAT job with it!

  7. I'd say that you are a quick learner!!! Those look fabulous. Isn't it great fun?

  8. Your paper piecing projects look GREAT! You can make anything, Tonya.
    Happy New Year.

  9. WARNING: Paper piecing is addicting! I love it. Look at my blog a couple of days ago where I show a sample of what I am working on with 126 pieces!
    Happy piecing!


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